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NYX Professional Makeup:
an inspiring model

NYX Professional Makeup is a Division newcomer that stands out thanks to its radically new approach to make-up, its 100%-digital communications and its magnetic appeal. It is one of the most dynamic brands in the marketplace. Check out the incredible success story of a Californian brand with worldwide potential.
Founded in Los Angeles in 1999, the brand started out with just one product, a range of brightly coloured lip and eye pencils. Today the brand has more than 2,000 items in its catalogue. NYX Professional Makeup is one of the most comprehensive professional make-up brands in the mass-market channel.
5.8 million followers on Instagram
NYX Professional Makeup developed alongside the digital revolution and the rise of social networks, which have opened up the art of make-up to a wider range of consumers. Today it is one of the most influential brands in digital beauty, and is closely monitored by popular vloggers and Instagramers, as well as their millions of fans. The brand targets these opinion leaders and offers them previews of new products so that they create their own content and generate the initial buzz for launches.

A unique innovation process

The online beauty community is a real source of inspiration for NYX Professional Makeup. The Californian brand pays close attention to make-up artists and vloggers, watching and analysing the trends they set. To involve them even more closely in product development, NYX Professional Makeup takes advantage of these opinion leaders’ geographic proximity to invite them to its premises to exchange ideas and review new products before they are even launched.
Composition of Instagram pictures by beauty bloggers and influencers for Nyx Professional Makeup.

The high-profile launch of Macaron Lippies

In 2015, the brand detected an emerging trend on social networks: lips in bold, bright colours. NYX Professional Makeup quickly developed a range of lipsticks offering colours such as blue, green and orange, to meet its consumers’ aspirations. A first glimpse of Macaron Lippies posted on Instagram triggered some 40,000 likes and a very high engagement rate. Initial feedback augurs well for the launch’s success.
Digital launch of the Macaron Lippies range by Nyx Professional Makeup.
+78.0% like-for-like sales growth in 2015
Since joining the group, NYX Professional Makeup has expanded strongly. The brand opened its first free-standing stores in 2015, creating an inspiring digital world where consumers can learn about make-up. All over the world, the stores are a treasure trove for young make-up addicts. After very strong growth in its first year as part of the Consumer Products Division, the newcomer is setting its sights high.
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