Karlsruhe factory in Germany ; employee checking a Rose d’Arabie perfume bottle by Armani Private in the Lassigny factory, France

From hyper-automation to luxury know-how

The very broad range of expertise and the excellence of quality systems at L'Oréal mean its industrial facilities have a real competitive edge, as illustrated in two emblematic examples: the connected and automated factory at Karlsruhe in Germany on one hand, and the combination of "tailor-made" luxury and agility at Lassigny in France on the other.

The Karlsruhe plant in Germany: to Plant 4.0

The plant in Karlsruhe, which specialises in skincare and haircare for the European mass-market sector, has been moving closer to complete automation over the last few years. Network control of flows, from the reception of raw materials to the dispatching of finished products, delivers the agility and performance needed to adapt to the growing complexity of markets. The AGVs(1) now in use, and the completion in 2016 of the automated warehouse system, are paving the way for Industry 4.0 and the 100%-connected plant of the future.

A model of efficiency to meet consumer expectations

The upgrading process has increased the Karlsruhe plant’s productivity and speed of execution, particularly on very high speed lines. This benefits consumers, who can be served more quickly, but also employees: the work they do is valued more highly, and ergonomics and safety are strengthened for everyone. Automation is also synonymous with better environmental performance, especially by reducing energy consumption. All these advantages make the site a model of high-tech operational excellence for the group.
1 million products produced each day

The Lassigny site in France: agility and flexibility

The plant in Lassigny specialises in anhydrous make-up(2) and exclusive fragrance series for the luxury sector, and forms part of the L’Oréal Luxe Pole of Excellence in France. What really gives this plant its advantage is its "tailor-made" approach. It is equipped to produce with excellence either large or exclusive series, and can thus adapt to meet specific consumer demands.
50 years: the Lassigny factory celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016

A close-up of the "Luxury Workshop"

When the Giorgio Armani brand dreams up limited-edition make-up products to echo immediately the themes of each fashion collection, it offers exclusive and luxurious products for the consumer, and also a real challenge for the operations teams. At Lassigny, to do so, the processes have been re-engineered: cutting-edge production technology controlled by a team of specialist operators, until final assembly "by hand" for these exceptional products. The plant has 10 packaging lines in all, controlled by operators with very sharp know-how and expertise in luxury.
Production series from 500 to 100,000 units on the same line
(1) Automated Guided Vehicles.
(2) Make-up containing no water: lipsticks, lip glosses, varnishes, powders, etc.