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Barbara LavernosExecutive Vice-President Operations

L'Oréal’s Operations(1) draw on a wealth of diverse professional skills and expertise to serve the end consumers of all the group's brands in every country. With one fundamental responsibility: to guarantee the quality and safety of the group's products to consumers worldwide while protecting the environment.
To enhance agility and efficiency, we are continuing to integrate all the opportunities opened up by digitalisation.
A number of advances highlight this transformation throughout our chain of expertise. Our design centres use rapid 3D printer prototyping techniques to optimise time-to-market for new products. In production, our industrial platform delivers precise responses for all needs, from large to "tailor-made" series, with ultraconnected plants equipped with cobots(2) that are bringing us on the path to Industry 4.0. Finally, our supply chain(3) is becoming even more responsive to take up the key challenge of e-commerce.
Another major success in 2016 was our shared commitment and contribution to the "Sharing Beauty With All" programme. L’Oréal has been recognised as a leader by the CDP(4) for its initiatives on three fronts: combating climate change, managing water in a sustainable way and protecting forests.
(1) Operations orchestrates cutting-edge expertise in fields ranging from packaging design and product development, sourcing and of packaging and raw materials production to the distribution of all the group's products.
(2) Cobotics (collaborative robotics) involves the use of a robotised system to assist an operator in a task that remains under human control.
(3) The L'Oréal supply chain organises and optimises information flows and physical flows of products all the way from suppliers to point-of-sales.
(4) CDP is an independent global organisation that evaluates companies' achievements in their environmental performance.