Message from Myriam Cohen-Welgryn


Innovation, complementarity and responsibility were the three keywords for 2022. Myriam Cohen-Welgryn, President, Dermatological Beauty, unpacks the Division’s outstanding performance.

Our mission is to pioneer health and beauty to offer sustainable and life-changing dermatological solutions to all. We partner with health professionals to solve skin issues for more than two billion people around the world. We also answer the specific aesthetic needs driven by the boom in beauty procedures. This is why our brands are among the brands most recommended by dermatologists around the world.

2022 in three keywords?

I would say “innovation”, “complementarity” and “responsibility”.

In our medical beauty market, “innovation” is key to pushing the boundaries of health and better address consumers’ unmet needs. 2022 was full of impactful innovations on many fronts: acne, atopic-prone skin and UV protection. If I had to pick one, I would say the game-changing UVMune 400 sunscreen by La Roche-Posay – a breakthrough innovation that helps protect consumers from the number one cause of skin cancer: the sun.

The “complementarity” of our four unique global brands perfectly addresses the key consumer quest for health, safety and efficacy. La Roche-Posay and CeraVe meet pathological needs in different price range. On the professional aesthetic front, the newly acquired American brand Skinbetter Science perfectly complements SkinCeuticals with its medical luxury positioning.

As the leader in medical beauty, it’s our “responsibility” to develop sustainable dermatological solutions while also increasing access to skin health. In 2022, we started rolling out our eco-beauty score for our two biggest brands in Europe. This environmental and social labelling initiative empowers consumers to make informed choices. I’m proud that 75% of La Roche-Posay and Vichy skincare products scored A or B. We also contributed to boosting access to skin health through many partnerships with teleconsultation platforms and our collaboration with Gloderm, the International Alliance for Global Health Dermatology, an education non-profit that promotes access to skin health for everyone, everywhere.

What is behind the success of L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty?

First, our roots in dermatological beauty, with products and services that meet needs on both the pathological and aesthetic fronts. Second, our strengthened medical leadership. We now partner with 250,000 doctors. Our reach has increased by 13% since last year. La Roche-Posay is the brand most recommended by dermatologists around the world. In 2022, three of our brands ranked in the top four. Third, our full-speed geographic expansion. In 2022, all Zones enjoyed double-digit growth. The Division achieved exceptional performance in the US and China, growing three and close to five times faster than their respective markets.

Last, the digital amplification of our medical strategy. Our superior online medical advocacy allows us to reach more consumers. La Roche-Posay and CeraVe are the two skincare brands most recommended by doctors online. E-commerce makes our products more easily available to consumers: in this channel, we gained significant market share in 2022.

Looking back on 2022, what are you most proud of?

Beyond our outstanding growth, I’m so proud of our fantastic teams around the world. In an uncertain environment, they’ve adapted with agility and resilience. They also showed creativity and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They are behind our success!