A deep dive into beauty


Beauty is our inspiration

Beauty is our vocation

No.1 beauty group worldwide
More than 7 billion products sold worldwide
€41.18 billion in sales
+11% growth
32nd market cap company worldwide

Beauty for all and for each is our goal

37 global beauty brands
More than 150 countries
Cutting-edge products for an ever more inclusive beauty

Beauty is our expression

4th largest advertiser worldwide
100 million uses of our digital services
27.3% of sales through e-commerce

Beauty is our science

Over 4,000 scientists
Over 8,000 digital tech & data talents
More than €1.2 billion investments per year in R&I
610 patents filed
7 innovation awards

Beauty is our passion

Over 90,000 dedicated and talented people
Employee satisfaction: 79% engagement rate
Top 10 of the most attractive companies for students

Beauty is our responsibility

91% renewable energies reached for its sites
-74% CO2 emissions on its sites
Top 1% of the highest-rated companies worldwide on environmental and social responsibility
Leader in tackling climate change, protecting forests and ensuring water security
One of the world’s most ethical companies
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Pioneer
25,000 professional opportunities for people under 30 every year

At L’Oréal Groupe, we share a common purpose:
to create the beauty that moves the world