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Lubomira Rochet

Lubomira RochetChief Digital Officer

Digital technology has changed the way we do marketing. Our first challenge was to successfully transform our brands into digital "love brands(1)", capable of creating rich and personalised relationships with their consumers and producing content that appeals to them, which they then share with others. Our brands are becoming ubiquitous on the web and are at the top of the rankings.
We are always looking to enrich our relationship with consumers. Thanks to the data now available across our range of consumer databases and a detailed understanding of their expectations, we can adapt our pitch to make sure we send out the right message at the right time. That gives L’Oréal a clear competitive edge.
Our consumers are also eager for new services that help them when they are choosing or using products. This is the mission of our connected beauty incubator, which has developed ideas such as My UV Patch, a sensor that informs users so they can protect their skin from the sun.Going one step further, in 2016 we became the exclusive beauty partner of Founders Factory, a start-up accelerator. Our partnership with the Partech fund in France expands our dense worldwide network of talented entrepreneurs and promising start-ups in the digital beauty field.
(1) Internet users’ favourite brands.