NYX Professional Makeup point of sale in Los Angeles, California
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Incredible success for NYX Professional Makeup

With sales quadrupling in just two years, the American brand NYX Professional Makeup posted spectacular growth. It continued to extend its network of beauty fans all over the world, thanks to its strong online presence and a host of successful launches.

NYX Professional Makeup aims for world conquest

In addition to record double-digit growth in its home market in the United States, the international expansion of NYX Professional Makeup was a major success in 2016. The brand is now available in 45 countries in North America, Europe and Asia, Pacific. Following the opening of the first stand-alone store in California in 2015, some 100 boutiques were opened in 2016, with each time a tremendous response from the brand's fans.

The NYX Professional Makeup retail experience

The brand has generated an impressive community of followers, with more than 10 million make-up fans(1) on Instagram alone, thanks to attractive content and events such as the NYX Face Awards, a competition between make-up artists. Drawing on this close relationship with its fans, NYX Professional Makeup offers a rich multi-channel experience. The digital ecosystem boosts both e-commerce and physical points-of-sale. At the start of 2016, the brand launched its French e-commerce site, and initial results are promising.
NYX Professional Makeup, Face Awards 2016
NYX Professional Makeup, Face Awards 2016

Successful launches

The lip segment continued to drive NYX Professional Makeup growth in 2016, with very good results for the Lip Lingerie cream lipstick and Liquid Suede cream lipstick ranges. The Highlight and Contour Pro palette has extended the brand's offering in the contouring(2) and strobing(3) segment and is becoming one of the brand's star products.
NYX Professional Makeup point of sale in Madrid, Spain
NYX Professional Makeup point of sale in Madrid, Spain
(1) Number of followers on Instagram. Source: statistics provided by the social network.
(2) Make-up technique that uses cosmetics to define, enhance and sculpt facial structure.
(3) Make-up technique used to layer highlights on the face to create an illuminated complexion.