A practitioner advising his patient of a SkinCeuticals product at the Spa SkinCeuticals Grand Pearl Plastic Surgery Associates, Michigan, USA
Worldwide advances

Welcome to the USA!

L’Oréal is the No.1 beauty player in the United States, the largest beauty market in the world(1). The group has achieved its leading position by building an iconic brand portfolio that matches consumer aspirations in every geographic region, and by keeping one step ahead in digital innovation.
"2016 has been a year of acceleration for L’Oréal in the United States and reinforcement of our leadership in this market."
Frédéric Rozé
Executive Vice-President Americas Zone

1st beauty market worldwide

The United States is the largest beauty market, with 22% of the worldwide market(1). It is the No.1 country for L’Oréal in terms of sales. To maintain its growth momentum, L’Oréal USA has successfully combined American brands, which fulfil the beauty needs of all consumers, a targeted acquisitions strategy, and benefits from the acceleration of three of its divisions: Consumer Products, Active Cosmetics and L’Oréal Luxe.

Successful American brands

More than half of L’Oréal’s brands in the United States are American brands among which include Maybelline New York, Kiehl’s, Urban Decay, Redken, Matrix and NYX Professional Makeup. Each of these brands is unique and together they cover the whole of the United States to answer consumers’ diversity. The make-up brands were particularly successful in 2016, with NYX Professional Makeup, a phenomenal success due to its ability to build authentic relationships with fans through social media, Urban Decay, known for its high quality professional colour cosmetics products, and Maybelline New York becoming the No.1 make-up brand in the mass-market(2).
23 NYX Professional Makeup retail outlets in the United States, including a recently opened flagship store in New York
NYX Professional Makeup Point of Sale in Los Angeles, California, USA
NYX Professional Makeup Point of Sale in Los Angeles, USA
"As a truly digital brand, NYX Professional Makeup has built a dynamic community of make-up artists and beauty fans that connect so well to the aspirations of its consumers. The brand’s free-standing stores, combining innovative digital technology with a hands-on learning environment, have been a remarkable success."
Frédéric Rozé
Executive Vice-President Americas Zone

A new member of the L’Oréal family: IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics is amongst the largest United States acquisitions in the company’s history, acquired for 1.2Bn USD in August 2016. The premium beauty brand has created a loyal and growing fan-base by empowering women with problem-solving skincare and make-up solutions. Created in 2008 with leading plastic surgeons, IT Cosmetics has a mission to provide confidence to women of all ages, and creates products that become life-changing.
Make-up product range by the brand IT Cosmetics
Pack shots of shampoos in the range biolage R.A.W.

Let’s move!

After nearly 60 years in Midtown Manhattan, L’Oréal moved the company’s United States headquarters to the new Hudson Yards development, which is transforming the New York City west side into a cutting-edge hub of innovation, fashion, technology, art and culture. L’Oréal USA is proud to be among the first occupants of Hudson Yards. The Innovation Lab, the Virtual Retail Room, Social Rooms(3), the Treatment Room and the Technical Centre are just some of the open, digitally connected and modern workspace concepts that will foster inspiration and allow the teams to collaborate like never before.
Terrace and cafeteria in the new offices in Hudson Yards, New York, United States
Terrace and cafeteria in the new offices in Hudson Yards, New York, United States
(1) Source: L’Oréal 2016 estimates of the worldwide cosmetics market in net manufacturer prices. Excluding soap, oral hygiene, razors and blades. Excluding currency effects.
(2) Source: Euromonitor International Limited, 2016.
(3) Areas specifically dedicated to managing social networks.