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In a favourable cosmetics market, L’Oréal in 2016 once again strengthened its position as the worldwide leader in beauty(1), thanks to market share gains in its three main geographic Zones - Western Europe, North America and the New Markets.
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Western Europe

L’Oréal once again extended its leadership in Western Europe, despite the difficult context in France. The group made strong market share gains in the United Kingdom, where it posted double-digit growth, and outperformed the market in Germany and Spain. The sales of the Consumer Products Division accelerated at the end of the year.
+2.4% Like-for-like growth in Western Europe(2)
20.2% L'Oréal market share in Western Europe(3)

North America

2016 was a year of acceleration in North America for L’Oréal, which is consolidating its leadership of the American beauty market(3). The Consumer Products Division made outstanding market share gains. L’Oréal Luxe expanded strongly thanks to the successes of Lancôme, Urban Decay, Yves Saint Laurent and IT Cosmetics.
+5.8% Like-for-like growth in North America(2)
14.0% L’Oréal market share in North America(3)
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Asia, Pacific

Asia, Pacific L’Oréal had a good year in Southern Asia and the Pacific region, thanks to buoyant markets in Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. Taiwan and South Korea also posted good growth. In China, L'Oréal Luxe achieved double-digit growth, but the Consumer Products Division, in a transitional phase, slowed.
+3.6% Like-for-like growth in Asia, Pacific(2)
9.5% L'Oréal market share in Asia, Pacific (excluding Japan)(3)

Latin America

L'Oréal made substantial market share gains in Latin America, especially in Mexico, Colombia and Peru, thanks to the dynamic growth of the make-up brands Vogue, Maybelline New York and L'Oréal Paris. In Brazil, the Active Cosmetics Division outperformed the market and the Consumer Products Division benefited from the successful integration of Niely.
+11.1% Like-for-like growth in Latin America(2)
8.8% L'Oréal market share in Latin America(3)

Eastern Europe

The group had a very good year in Eastern Europe. Russia, Poland and Ukraine drove growth in this Zone. The Professional Products Division, L'Oréal Luxe and the Consumer Products Division all outperformed their markets.
+10.4% Like-for-like growth in Eastern Europe(2)
12.8% L'Oréal market share in Eastern Europe(3)

Middle East

All the Divisions consolidated market share in Africa, Middle East. L’Oréal sales slowed at the end of the year, particularly because of Saudi Arabia. Egypt and Pakistan however maintained their good growth rates.
+7.9% Like-for-like growth in Africa, Middle East(2)
13.0% market share in Africa, Middle East (in countries where the group operates)(3)
Western Europe+2.4%
North America+5.8%
Asia, Pacific+3.6%
Latin America+11.1%
Eastern Europe+10.4%
Middle East+7.9%
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(1) Source: WWD, "Beauty’s Top 100", April 2016.
(2) Like-for-like: based on a comparable structure and constant exchange rates. Operational Divisions’ growth.
(3) Cosmetics Divisions market share. Source: L'Oréal 2016 estimates of the worldwide cosmetics market in net manufacturer prices. Excluding soaps, oral hygiene, razors and blades. Excluding currency effects.