Being an exemplary company

L’Oréal is committed to sustainable, responsible and shared growth, especially through its "Sharing Beauty With All" programme. These commitments are fully in line with the initiatives of the L'Oréal Corporate Foundation.
Ingredients "Sharing Beauty With All".

"Sharing Beauty With All"

2016 marks the third year in the roll-out of the social and environmental responsibility programme "Sharing Beauty With All", aimed at making L'Oréal a model company in terms of sustainable innovation, production and consumption, and in sharing its growth with all its stakeholders.
Still life of a violet iris placed on a glass, visual illustrating the “Innovate sustainably” pillar of the program "Sharing Beauty With All".

Innovating sustainably

By 2020, 100% of L’Oréal products will have an improved environmental or social profile, for example thanks to the reduction of the environmental footprint of formulas, the respect of biodiversity or eco-design of packaging.
Production line of perfume bottles, visual illustrating the "Producing sustainably" pillar of the programme "Sharing Beauty With All".

Producing sustainably

By 2020, L’Oréal will have reduced the environmental footprint of its plants and distribution centres by 60%(1), through the reduction of CO2 emissions(2), water consumption and waste generation(3).
Open hand showing the use of a cream from a pump bottle, visual illustrating the "Consuming sustainably" pillar of the programme "Sharing Beauty With All".

Living sustainably

L’Oréal aims to empower its consumers to make sustainable choices. To achieve this goal, the group is pursuing a number of initiatives such as assessing the footprint of each product and using the brands' influence to raise consumer awareness.
Guar seeds in the palm of a hand, used to extract guar gum for the manufacture of cosmetics in India.Visual illustrating the "Sharing growth" pillar of the programme "Sharing Beauty With All".

Developing sustainably

Sharing its growth with its stakeholders is a priority for L’Oréal, which fosters access to work for people from underprivileged communities, involves suppliers in its sustainable development commitments and ensures that its employees around the world benefit from the best social practices.
"Beauty for a Better Life" training in China.

The L’Oréal Corporate Foundation

The L'Oréal Corporate Foundation is committed to supporting and empowering women worldwide. It helps them to pursue careers in the fields of beauty and science, through two specific programmes: "For Women in Science" and "Beauty for a Better Life".

Watch the "Beauty for a Better Life" programme video


(1) From a 2005 baseline.
(2) In absolute terms.
(3) Per unit per finished product.