Innovating to recruit, develop and engage with talented people all over the world
Jérôme Tixier Jérôme Tixier
Executive Vice-President Human Relations and Advisor
to the Chairman
  • 9th
    place worldwide in the "Most Attractive Employers Ranking" for students, Universum 2016(1)
  • 77%
    of employees have taken a training course
  • 100,000
    hours of digital training in 2016
L’Oréal Brandstorm 2016, international finals

How L'Oréal recruits new talent

To continue attracting a wide and diverse range of talent all over the world, the group has changed the way it develops relationships with candidates as well as its recruitment techniques. L'Oréal draws on its detailed knowledge of the profiles needed to construct its employer promise, and has strengthened the expertise of its recruitment community.

Online training speeds transformation

Training for everyone is one of the priorities of Human Relations – one that is now possible thanks to an e-learning platform open to all employees. L’Oréal has also sealed a partnership with Coursera, a leading player in the MOOC(2) sector, to offer employees programmes certified by the most prestigious universities worldwide.
Young mother and her child illustrating the “Happy parents” programme in Brazil

New challenges for the L’Oréal Share & Care social programme

At the end of 2015, the L’Oréal Share & Care programme achieved its first goal: to guarantee that L'Oréal employees all over the world benefit from the best practices in terms of social protection. The group's subsidiaries are continuing to develop local initiatives, particularly in the area of quality of life in the workplace.

Close collaboration with the ILO(3)

L’Oréal is a founding member of the “Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors”, created by the ILO to encourage companies to take up the challenges of social protection. L’Oréal and the ILO are working together to assess the impact of the L’Oréal “Share & Care” programme.

New Diversity and Inclusion index

Launched by Thomson Reuters, this new index ranks L'Oréal 19th out of more than 5,000 companies rated worldwide. This represents recognition for the group's strong commitment in this field for more than a decade.
5th edition of the Handicap trophies by L’Oréal, 2016

5th Disability Initiatives Trophies

Fostering the inclusion of disabled people is the objective of this in-house competition, which rewards initiatives in this field by L'Oréal subsidiaries. In 2016, a voting system helped to involve the group's employees, with more than 16,800 votes cast.
  • More than 80% of the 55,000 employees contacted took part in the Pulse internal survey, to gain clearer insights into expectations and find solutions for each team
Global HR LAB – 2020 People Vision

HR Labs:How will we work tomorrow?

The HR Labs are experimenting with a new way of working: using collective intelligence to test new working methods and underpin L'Oréal's move towards a more collaborative and even more agile management model. Four HR Lab events have been organised so far, bringing together groups of between 45 and 300 employees from 58 countries.
Citizen Day 2016 in Malaysia

Thousands of hours of volunteer work on Citizen Day

Citizen Day is a celebration of solidarity that brings together thousands of L'Oréal employees all over the world. In 2016 there was an increase in participation with a total of 164,000 hours of volunteer work completed, making a real difference for more than 150,000 beneficiaries.


(1) Source: Business students, all sectors of activity, Universum, 2016.
(2) Massive Open Online Course.
(3) International Labour Organization.