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Some 200,000 individual shareholders are already taking part in the L'Oréal adventure.
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How to become a L'Oréal shareholder?

To become a L'Oréal shareholder:

To become a bearer shareholder: you can make a direct request to your bank or financial institution for L’Oréal shares to be purchased on your behalf and register them on a securities account opened in your name.

To become a registered shareholder, directly listed on the L'Oréal books: you can contact our shareholder service on + 33 1 40 14 80 50 (from outside France) or write to the following address: Service Actionnaires de L'Oréal, BNP Paribas Securities Services GCT Emetteurs - Grands Moulins de Pantin - 9 rue du Débarcadère - 93761 PANTIN Cedex - France.

To find out about the advantages of either option, consult the section below on “How to choose your shareholding mode".

How to choose your shareholding mode?

Trading on the stock market is "easy" and immediate

Freedom of choice of financial intermediary

Simplified portfolio management (possibility of grouping together all securities)

Payment of custody fees

No systematic communication by the issuing company

Need to obtain a certificate for attendance at shareholders' meetings


Freedom of choice of financial intermediary

Simplified portfolio management (possibility of grouping together all securities)

The issuing company regularly sends various corporate communications, and notice of shareholders' meeting

Payment of custody fees (these may be increased)

Possibility of longer operational times being required due to the complexity of circulation of information media (statement of registered references - bordereau de références nominatives - BRN) between the issuing company, Euroclear and the custodian


No custody fees are payable

No transfer fee from bearer shares to directly registered shares (L'Oréal will meet the cost up to a maximum of 50 euros, on presentation of the corresponding receipt).

The company regularly sends various corporate communications, as well as notice of shareholders' meetings

Preferential brokerage rate

Impossibility of having only one securities account in the event of simultaneous management of several securities

For more information about directly registered shares and managed registered shares, see the Loyalty Bonus and Registered Shares page