Loyalty Bonus and Registered Shares


Find here all the information you need concerning the two options available for holding registered shares:
Directly Registered Shares: your shares are automatically listed in the L'Oréal books.
Managed Registered Shares: your share account is managed by your bank or financial advisor but you are also listed in the L'Oréal books.

Shareholder Views: Why did you choose registered shares?

For everyone, registered shares mean...

More effective:
You receive a loyalty bonus: a preferential dividend of 10%. From 2020, for shares held continuously in registered form since 12/31/2017

More practical:
You continue to have total freedom in the management of your shares
You receive your notices to attend the Annual General Meetings directly at your home address

Closer to you:
You automatically receive our publications destined for individual shareholders
You receive invitations to our shareholder meetings
You can take advantage of a dedicated line for registered shareholders on 0 800 66 66 66 from France or +33 1 40 14 80 50 from outside France.

Why choose registered shares?
  • Preferential dividend of +10% for shareholders holding continuously registered shares for more than two years(1).
  • Full and personalised information (Letters to Shareholders,...) sent directly to the shareholder.
  • Easier access to the Annual General Meeting: notice to attend sent directly to the shareholder, with the possibility of online voting.
  • No custody fees for directly registered shares.
  • Dividend sent by cheque or credited to the shareholder’s account, with no delay and no charge.
  • Transfer fees covered by L’Oréal(2), for directly registered shares.

(1) Not exceeding 0.5% of the share capital per shareholder.
(2) Not exceeding €50 and upon presentation of proof of payment.

Which registered shares method to choose?

New financial advantages

Bearer Direclty registered Managed registered
A preferential dividend
No custody fees
The benefits of your PEA (share savings plan)

More services

Receive your notice to attend the Annual General Meeting directly
A dedicated website to manage your L'Oréal shares in real time
The same financial contact person
A global vision of your portfolio (management, tax)

Closer links

Automatically receive your shareholder publications at your home address
Your invitations to our shareholder meetings in your region
A dedicated shareholder line at your disposal
Forms for registering or transferring shares

Transfer your shares

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Practical questions

If I register my shares, can I sell them as easily?

Yes, your registered shares can be disposed of at any time, just like bearer shares. You retain complete freedom to the manage your shares.

How are registered shares taxed?

Registering your shares has no fiscal impact. The tax regime for registered shares is the same as for bearer shares. If you hold L’Oréal shares in a PEA (share savings plan) and wish to benefit from the advantages of registered shares, then managed registered shares are for you.

Will transferring my L’Oréal shares to registered form cost me anything and how can I be reimbursed?

Some financial institutions may charge you for transferring shares to directly registered form and we recommend that you ask your bank for information. We remind you that L’Oréal will reimburse you any transfer costs for directly registered shares up to a maximum of 50 euros.

You simply have to send your request for reimbursement, together with proof of your transfer costs, and full bank details, to the following address:
Service Actionnaires de L’Oréal
BNP Paribas Securities Services
C.T.S. Emetteurs
Service Mouvement Titres
Grands Moulins de Pantin
9 rue du débarcadère

How much has L'Oréal negotiated brokerage costs at for directly registered shares?

L'Oréal has negociated very competitive brokerage costs for you.

- Preferential brokerage rate of 0.15% excluding tax, with a minimum of 6.10 euros excluding tax.

- Bank commission of 7.62 euros excluding tax.

How long does it take to transfer my shares to registered form?

Times vary depending on the financial institution. Do not forget that, to qualify for the preferential dividend as of 2020, your shares must be registered in direct or managed form no later than December 31, 2017. To make sure that this is the case, we recommend that you transmit your order for registration by December 10, 2017 at the latest.

What do the bonus codes, which my L’Oréal shares appear under on my securities account statement mean?

The introduction of the preferential dividend has made it necessary to create specific ISIN codes. These codes make it possible to determine each year whether the shares concerned will give the right to an ordinary dividend or a preferential dividend.

Trading Code:

  • FR0000120321
    The L’Oréal share is listed and traded under ISIN code FR0000120321.
    L’Oréal shares which have been registered during the current year and which will benefit from the loyalty bonus after 2 full calendar years are identified by this code.

Bonus Codes:

  • FR0011149590
    L’Oréal shares which were registered prior to December 31, 2011 and which already benefit from the loyalty bonus are identified by this code.

  • FR0011356229
    L’Oréal shares which were registered in 2012 and which will benefit from the loyalty bonus in 2015 are identified by this code.

  • FR0011636133
    L’Oréal shares which were registered in 2013 and which will benefit from the loyalty bonus in 2016 are identified by this code.

  • FR0012332245
    L’Oréal shares which were registered in 2014 and which will benefit from the preferential dividend in 2017 are identified by this code.

Only the FR0000120321 is a trading code.
If you want to sell shares with the bonus codes FR0011149590, FR0011356229, FR0011636133, FR0012332245, your financial institution will deal with modifying this code in order to execute your order.