L’Oréal is dedicated to one sole vocation: creating beauty. This exclusive focus brings a clear competitive advantage. The Group draws on over a century of expertise in cosmetics, underpinned by talented specialists and an in-depth understanding of consumers, and unrivalled insight into beauty cultures, needs, desires and aspirations.

A commitment to innovation

Innovation sits at the heart of L’Oréal’s business model and is a powerful engine for growth. The Group combines science, technology and creativity to shape the future of beauty, explore new horizons and stay a step ahead. Research & Innovation discoveries and the unique creativity and intuition of marketing teams provide the bedrock for increasingly effective, inclusive and sustainable beauty. L’Oréal firmly believes beauty of the future will be built around Green Sciences – combining efficacy, nature and sustainability to bring a competitive advantage to brands’ products, formulas and packaging – and Beauty Tech to harness the power of cutting-edge science and technology on a large scale, resulting in unrivalled beauty experiences. Data, artificial intelligence, robotics and nanotechnologies strengthen and speed innovation along with strategic partnerships helping to make the Group a champion in Beauty Tech.

From “beauty for all” to “beauty for each”

L’Oréal covers more than 150 countries across all product categories (haircare, hair colouring, skincare, sun protection, makeup, fragrances and more), all distribution channels and all price points. In an increasingly fragmented world, the Group’s strategy is evolving from universalisation to singularisation, i.e. from “beauty for all” to “beauty for each”. The goal is to provide tailored, inclusive beauty solutions that meet specific, individual aspirations. L’Oréal’s strategy in this regard is based on careful attention to consumers and a deep respect for their differing needs, lifestyles, desires and traditions. The Group also capitalises on its portfolio of brands with different cultural backgrounds, its ability to develop regional innovations with global potential, and its range of personalised products and services powered by artificial intelligence, data and Beauty Tech.

The success of our multipolar model

L’Oréal’s global footprint, agility and flexibility in adapting its resources in real time allow it to drive growth and seize opportunities across its Divisions, Zones and categories.


36.8% Consumer Products
36.2% Luxe
15.6% Dermatological Beauty
11.3% Professional Products


31.6% Europe
27.1% North America
25.9% North Asia
7.1% Latin America


39.9% Skincare and sun protection
19.7% Makeup
15.3% Haircare
12.6% Fragrances
8.3% Hair colouring
4.1% Other

A worldwide reach, ever closer to consumers

To meet the extremely diverse nature of global beauty needs and ensure a presence ever closer to consumers, L’Oréal Research draws on 20 research centres and 13 evaluation centres worldwide, which augment its capacity to innovate. The Group also has 37 plants around the globe, incorporating the latest advances in technology, automation and digitalisation.


Laboratories worldwide:
Regional hubs Research centres Evaluation centres Global centres
Europe 9 2 3
North America 1 2 3
North Asia 2 3 2
Latin America 1 2 1
Sub-Saharan Africa 1 1 2


L’Oréal draws on a unique portfolio of 37 diverse and complementary international brands. The Group is built around four Divisions, each of which has a specific vision of beauty, consumer universe and distribution channel.

  • Consumer Products

    Democratising beauty at its best.

  • Luxe

    Creating the best of luxury beauty through disruptive innovations, meaningful commitments and memorable experiences.

  • Dermatological Beauty

    Pioneering sustainable and life-changing dermatological solutions.

  • Professional Products

    Providing professional beauty expertise for all.


L’Oréal has been building a unique portfolio of brands to satisfy all beauty aspirations in their infinite diversity for over a century. It is now richer, stronger and more varied than any other player in the global beauty industry. The Group continues to expand this portfolio through targeted acquisitions as part of its drive to create the future of beauty.

Year Consolidated Group sales in billions of euros Acquisitions
2023 41.18 Aēsop
2022 38.26 Skinbetter Science
2021 32.28 Takami • Youth To The People
2020 27.99 Mugler • Azzaro • Thayers
2019 29.87 Prada
2018 26.94 Giorgio Armani • La Roche-Posay • Logocos Naturkosmetic • ModiFace • Pulp Riot • Stylenanda • Valentino
2017 26.02 CeraVe
2016 25.84 Saint Gervais Mont Blanc • Atelier Cologne • IT Cosmetics
2015 25.26 Niely
2014 22.53 NYX Professional Makeup • Carita • MG • Decléor
2013 22.12
2012 21.63 Urban Decay
2011 20.34 Clarisonic
2010 19.50 Essie
2008 17.54 Yves Saint Laurent
2006 15.76 The Body Shop
2005 14.53 SkinCeuticals
2003 14.03 Shu Uemura
2000 12.67 Softsheen Carson • Kiehl’s • Matrix
1996 7.61 Maybelline New York
1993 5.04 Redken
1989 3.75 La Roche-Posay
1988 3.27 Helena Rubinstein • Giorgio Armani
1985 2.13 Ralph Lauren
1980 1.3 Vichy
1970 0.23 Biotherm
1965 0.06 Garnier
1964 0.04 Lancôme
  • 2006: The Body Shop was sold in 2017.
  • 2012-2013: Sales were restated to reflect the disposal of 50% of Galderma on 11 February 2014 and the consolidation of Inneov under the equity method as of 1 January 2014.
  • 2018: Giorgio Armani licence renewal. Acquisition of the thermal spa La Société des Thermes de La Roche-Posay. Valentino licence agreement.
  • 2019: Prada licence agreement.

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In 2023, L’Oréal acquired Australian brand Aēsop, founded in 1987 and renowned for its skin, hair and body products. The company has become an iconic name across luxury retail, beauty and hospitality locations around the world. Aēsop is an aspirational brand that embodies a unique blend of modernity, hedonism and ethical luxury, riding high on contemporary consumer trends.

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A dual ambition to create sustainable value for all

L’Oréal’s strong results empower the Group to continue investing in support of its social and environmental commitments, in line with its dual ambition of economic and corporate excellence.
This dual excellence forms the backbone of its strategy, shapes its success and underpins the long-term future of the Group. As the world’s leading beauty company, L’Oréal aims to contribute to the beauty of the planet and be a social, environmental, societal and ethical leader. As the Group’s track record clearly shows, both areas of performance are mutually enriching and go hand in hand.