How can digital solutions reinvent beauty experiences? How can L’Oréal meet the full range of beauty expectations and desires in an increasingly omnichannel world? Asmita Dubey, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, shares her insight.

How does L’Oréal think digital?

At L’Oréal, we think "digital first" in all our endeavours. The digital world is moving from digitalisation to virtualisation, and from digital transformation to data transformation. In this world, our goal is to design and deliver the best and the most responsible consumer engagement with beauty.

What's 2021 in a nutshell?

2021 was a remarkable year for digitalisation, thanks to our talented community of experts. We drove e-commerce further, with 29% weight of business online this year. And we built deeper connections with our consumers—through enriching beauty experiences. 

How is L’Oréal reinventing beauty experiences?

Our brands are continuously reinventing beauty experiences, as technology trends like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality keep enhancing consumer interactions.

We are evolving from products to services. For example, our latest skin diagnosis tool is based on 15,000 images from Research & Innovation and addresses 16 different skin concerns. In 2021, millions of users analysed their skin through this service to receive personalised recommendations and routines. The service is offered in 30 countries by multiple brands.

In the gaming world, 45% of gamers are women today. Gaming is becoming a new way for us to engage. This is not only an opportunity for entertainment, but also for creating new business models and partnerships. Our brand NYX Professional Makeup scored high in the gaming community by sponsoring the women's e-sports team Dignitas. 

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How do you combine the best of the online and offline worlds?

Our consumers live in an "Online + Offline" world. All our Divisions are combining this O+O journey. 

For instance, the Professional Products Division drives traffic to salons through online activities and social commerce platforms. Once consumers reach the salon, they can simply scan a QR code and take advantage of a great service or buy products.

What's more, when we have an exciting in-person event like L’Oréal Paris Defilé, we can now share it with millions through online livestreaming and social platforms. In 2021, our brands did more than 10,000 livestream sessions worldwide.

Furthermore, across all our brands, we are making a "digital match" for our products with what we call “augmented” products to build O+O digital assets. Consumers can scan a QR code on product packaging at their convenience and check information on what is inside our products, their impact labelling and try digital services. This will help us build long term trust-based relationships, by combining the best of online and offline worlds.

To create the beauty that moves the world. 

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