Take a look behind the scenes and find out more about L’Oréal’s Sense of Purpose. Blanca Juti, Chief Corporate Affairs & Engagement Officer, explains why beauty is such a powerful and inspiring driving force, and talks about the global campaign launched in 2021 to make people more aware of initiatives that embody the Group’s Purpose: “Create the beauty that moves the world.”

For over a century, L’Oréal has been dedicated to one thing, and one thing only—creating beauty.

What is L'Oréal's Sense of Purpose?

In 2021, we published our Sense of Purpose Manifesto for the first time. This Manifesto draws on our heritage and builds on our hopes and aspirations to express our bigger mission: “create the beauty that moves the world”. We know beauty can move the world in a better direction. We believe in creating a future of beauty that is inclusive, generous, committed to the environment, responsible and caring, and which also builds on the best of science and technology.

Last June, we brought our sense of purpose to life in a global campaign reaching employees, consumers and partners.  

What is the campaign about?

We sought for the campaign to be authentic in every aspect. We ensured it primarily featured diverse real-life L’Oréal employees from different walks of life: scientists, team members from marketing, operations, finance and human relations. And also, very importantly, while we shared our ambition and commitments, we also disclosed openly and transparently our progress to date.

What has been the impact of the campaign?

Results so far have been very positive. We know consumers who have seen it respond very well to the proof points of our campaign, each one being illustrated with concrete examples. And, we are very happy that in half a year, over a quarter of a billion people have seen the campaign in close to thirty countries.

Why is L'Oréal's Sense of Purpose so inspiring?

Our campaign helps put into words our ambition and commitments to the world. Our Sense of Purpose is much more than that: it acts as our North Star; it expresses who we are as a company, what we stand for and what we do. It guides the decisions we make. Creating the beauty that moves the world inspires our actions every single day.