Travel Retail: beauty for all travellers

Although the pandemic significantly impacted air traffic worldwide, Travel Retail successfully reinvented itself in 2021. L’Oréal relied on its brand portfolio, its keen consumer insight and its technological expertise to meet the aspirations of travellers around the globe.

Vincent Boinay

President, Travel Retail 

Beauty for all travellers’ is now more than ever the goal that drives Travel Retail teams. Air traffic has decreased significantly as a result of the pandemic, but sales took off again in 2021 thanks to our unique and universal brand portfolio. From luxury to consumer products and from dermocosmetics to haircare, we can meet the beauty needs and desires of travellers worldwide.

Ultra premium skincare takes Asia by storm

Domestic travel in China remains strong, and with Asian borders now reopening, airports and downtown duty-free shops have seen consumers return—with a particular interest in ultra-premium skincare brands. With iconic products like Re-Plasty Age Recovery Night Cream and Powercell Skinmunity Serum by Helena Rubinstein, and CE Ferulic and Silymarin CF—the latest launch—by SkinCeuticals, the brands offer truly effective and sophisticated products that our Asian customers really value on their quest for ultra-premium beauty. The Group organised exclusive events around these products in downtown duty-free shops in Hainan, China, and in Macau, to introduce travellers to these exceptional skincare products. 

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Mainland China

New technologies enhance personalisation and retailtainment

Retailtainment has always been a trademark at Travel Retail. Today, thanks to new technologies, this type of entertaining, personalised purchasing experience is on the rise again. In stores, skin and hair “diagnosis” tools by Kérastase, La Roche-Posay, Vichy, SkinCeuticals, Kiehl’s and L’Oréal Paris enable consumers to find the products best suited to their beauty aspirations and lifestyle. These technologies are also invaluable tools for beauty advisors when recommending personalised routines. Online, virtual makeup try-ons inspire travellers and encourage them to visit stores to learn moreabout the products that attracted their attention.

New technologies are also a source of entertainment and a way to set brands apart. For example, Valentino rolled out a gaming screen and giant replicas of its new makeup range at the grand opening of its first point of sale at Dubai Airport. The Maison L’Oréal Paris pop-up store in Hainan also invited consumers to enjoy an immersive trip through Paris and the brand’s world via augmented reality and virtual travel experiences – an all-new way to discover and embrace the essence of the brand. These augmented beauty experiences contribute to the reputation of brands and provide travellers with spectacular, immersive points of entry alongside L’Oréal’s iconic products and new launches. 

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Technology augments consumers’ beauty experiences

Beauty advisors who are connected, trained and engaged

Digitalisation has enhanced the consumer experience, but it has also boosted beauty advisor engagement worldwide. The My Beauty Club application was specially designed to bring together the global community of beauty advisors, train them and keep them informed of L’Oréal news and events, and strengthen their ties to our brands. Beauty advisors can use the app to connect to others in their region, share best practices via a social network and train as a team.  

More sustainable events from committed brands

In line with the Group’s L’Oréal for the Future  commitments, Travel Retail strives to provide more sustainable beauty for consumers. To that end, all of our new counters and events are eco-designed. The brands also commit to concrete initiatives in keeping with their own characteristics, such as protecting endangered species for the Kiehl’s “Future Made Better” pop-up store in Hainan, China, in partnership with local NGO  Shan Shui Conservation Centre. The launch of My Way Intense by Giorgio Armani also included specific communication on key fragrance-related commitments, such as its refillable bottle, reflecting the Group’s sustainable development goals.