Barbara Lavernos, Executive Vice-President Operations.

Barbara Lavernos

Executive Vice-President Operations
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Combining our expertise to satisfy both consumers and distributor customers

Key Figures Operations 2015

  • 90

    Patents for packaging and processes
  • 1,850

    Suppliers of packaging and raw materials
  • 44

  • 515,000

    Delivery points

Designing a new generation of mascaras

The packaging innovation teams channel all their expertise, in terms of design, functional and technical solutions, into obtaining the best results for consumers. In 2015, they registered 90 patents and – to give just one example – worked with Research and Innovation to develop the innovative brush for Lash Sensational mascara by MAYBELLINE NEW YORK.
  • Young woman applying mascara in front of the mirror.
  • Flexible, curved elastomer brush from Lash Sensational by Maybelline New York.
  • Lash Sensational mascara by Maybelline New York.
  • Settimo Torinese factory in Italy.
  • A qualitative study in the United States, France and China has identified what consumers expect: increased volume and a natural finish.
  • The flexible, curved elastomer brush has two sides, one concave and one convex, for fuller lashes without excess.
  • Lash Sensational by MAYBELLINE NEW YORK opens up a new segment for the brand.
  • The factories at Settimo Torinese in Italy and North Little Rock in the United States specialise in producing this mascara.

Encouraging local sourcing

Operations contributes to the global reach of L’Oréal by setting up production facilities close to consumers, and by encouraging local sourcing for packaging and raw materials. This approach ensures greater efficiency for the group, stronger ties with neighbouring communities and a positive impact on the local development of economies and L’Oréal’s ecosystems.
  • Dark and Lovely products in the Midrand factory in South Africa.
  • Oil raw material texture.
  • Egyptian packaging factory for Styling Cream by L’Oréal Paris.
  • Emphasis on local sourcing

    In the Africa, Middle East Zone, Operations is extending its regional supplier network. The roll-out of this strategy is backed up by innovations, developed by the brands and Research and Innovation teams to drive major product launches.
  • Dark & Lovely by SOFTSHEEN-CARSON

    A revised formula for local sourcing
    The Dark & Lovely hair relaxer kit is a bestseller for SOFTSHEEN-CARSON in South Africa. The brand has recently replaced its main raw material with a mineral oil produced by a local South African supplier. This strategic choice has fostered the development of the local economy, cut transport-related CO2 emissions and optimised product cost by more than 20%.
  • Styling Cream by L’ORÉAL PARIS

    Targeted development for the Middle East
    To launch a new product category in record time, the teams worked closely with a local packaging supplier to develop special moulds for the production of Styling Cream by L’ORÉAL PARIS. Supporting supplier development and sharing growth are key objectives for Operations’ teams.
An AGV (automated guided vehicle) at the Libramont factory in Belgium.

An efficient industrial model in constant evolution

L’Oréal has maintained its strategy of optimising, modernising and automating workflows in its factories. As a result, productivity has increased dramatically, alongside Safety. Following the introduction of AGV(1) more than three years ago, the Karlsruhe factory in Germany has gone one step further this year by introducing automated storage. Thanks to this technology, the industrial facility is posting large productivity gains, improved safety and working conditions for operators, and a 30% increase in storage capacity.
Urban Decay point of sale in Spain.

Improving supply chain(2) efficiency

The advances made by L’Oréal in supply chain have been acclaimed once again by Gartner, which ranks the group in the European Top 5 for best supply chain(2). Its enhanced efficiency led to greater agility and adaptability in 2015 as the group served customers all over the world.
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(1) Automated Guided Vehicles.
(2) L’Oréal’s supply chain handles all information and physical flows from the supplier to the distributor customer’s points of sale.