Christian Mulliez, Executive Vice-President Chief Financial Officer.

Christian Mulliez

Executive Vice-President
Chief Financial Officer
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Building a solid relationship of trust and supporting L’Oréal’s sustainable growth

Key figures 2015 Administration and Finance

  • 45

    internal audit missions conducted in 2015
  • Some 1,800

    shareholders attended the Annual General Meeting in 2015
  • Some 130,000

    visits to the digital edition of the Annual Report 2014
  • 3rd

    Internal Control Awards
Group picture at the Internal Control Awards.

Internal control and risk management

The internal control system contributes to L’Oréal’s development by ensuring compliance with laws, the application of the group’s standards and the reliability of financial and non-financial information, together with the efficiency and simplicity of internal processes. By enabling us to anticipate, prevent and manage our risks more effectively, the system provides support for decision-making and action. Since 2012, the network of managers has grown significantly to more than 110 today, covering almost all the countries in which the group operates.
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A relationship of trust and dialogue with stakeholders

Throughout the year, the financial communications team organises events for exchanging with individual shareholders, investors and financial analysts to continue to strengthen this relationship of trust. In 2015, the Capital Market Days had a digital theme, with the group highlighting the competitive advantages of digital media in the beauty sector, and the opportunities they provide for better connecting with and serving consumers all over the world. This year the shareholders on the Consultation Committee helped to optimise the second digital edition of the Annual Report.
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Group picture at the Internal Control Awards.

IT tools for a better employee experience

In a world where performance and agility are crucial, the IT(1) teams are speeding up the delivery of technologies to facilitate remote cooperation and mobility. L’Oréal employees have access to a range of innovative solutions to optimise the efficiency of their everyday activities: telepresence and high definition video rooms, an online video-conference system, long-distance connectivity and instant messaging. Training programmes are provided to help employees master the tools best suited to their needs.
(1) Information Systems.