Laurent Attal, Executive Vice-President Research and Innovation.
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Laurent Attal

Executive Vice-President
Research and Innovation
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Innovating for personalised and responsible beauty that meets local consumers’ expectations

Research and Innovation key figures 2015

  • 794

    Million euros invested in Research & Innovation
  • 3,870

    Research and Innovation employees
  • 497

    Patents registered
  • 1

    Worldwide centre in France and 5 regional hubs
Quinoa field in Bolivia.

Drawing on nature’s finest

The use of renewable raw materials that are responsibly sourced and processed by applying green chemistry principles is central to L’Oréal’s commitments in terms of innovation. This approach inspired the project to produce an active exfoliant ingredient from quinoa seeds. Responsibility is the watchword from start to finish.
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Researcher using a tablet.

Digital technology
boosts innovation

Digital technology strengthens Research and Innovation in two ways. First of all, it makes design and development more agile, thanks to molecule and formula modelling and automated assessment. Secondly, all the data amassed by connected objects and technologies enriches the wealth of knowledge gathered over decades by L’Oréal Research, pushing back the frontiers of innovation and creating more personalised, high-performance products and services.

A historic expert
on pollution and the skin

For a number of years L’Oréal has been conducting research into the effects of pollution on the skin, a major issue in the 21st century. This expertise, combined with the group’s sun protection knowledge base, led to scientific publications that attracted considerable interest in 2015.
  • Young Chinese women walking in a polluted town.
  • Anthelios XL SPF50 by La Roche-Posay and C E Ferulic by SkinCeuticals.
  • Advertising campaign for the Anti-pollution kit by La Roche-Posay.
  • Proven effects

    L’Oréal chose two megacities—Mexico City in 2000 and Shanghai in 2008—to conduct large-scale studies on the impact of pollution on the skin. These and other more recent studies have highlighted the consequences of pollution on skin health: increased oxidation, impairment of the barrier function and an increased risk of developing dark spots.
  • Cosmetic solutions

    For L'Oréal, the solution is threefold: purify, repair and protect. Purify thanks to products that cleanse the skin, removing dust and microparticles. Repair the skin’s barrier function by using emollient creams. And finally protect by using antioxidants paired with sun protection against UV rays, which are a compounding factor of pollution.
  • A market with strong potential

    More than half the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050 the figure will have risen to 70% according to the WHO(1). This means that the anti-pollution cosmetics market has great potential. In 2014, LA ROCHE-POSAY successfully launched in China its first anti-pollution kit including three products, and in 2015, the new routine was released in South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Innovations inspired by China

The local development of products is a strategic priority in L’Oréal’s innovation process. Today, many products sold in China were developed at the Research and Innovation Centre in Pudong, near Shanghai, whose new ultra-modern premises opened in 2015.
  • Pretty & Healthy by Maybelline New York.
  • Power Moisture shampoo by L'Oréal Paris.
  • Men Expert Complete 5 range by L'Oréal Paris.
  • Facial skincare

    Hydrafresh Genius Water by L'Oréal Paris.
    L’Oréal researchers have latched on to the vogue for cosmetic waters, a Japanese-inspired routine which has recently emerged in China, and have thus offered a unique and highly innovative texture with HydraFresh Genius Water by L'ORÉAL PARIS. The benefits perceived by consumers, in terms of both hydration and sensoriality, have made the launch a major facial skincare driver across China.
  • Make-up

    Pretty & Healthy
    With its natural colours perfectly suited to the complexion of Chinese women, and its ultra-creamy formula, Pretty & Healthy by MAYBELLINE NEW YORK is a lipstick-lip balm hybrid. L’Oréal Research in China based its work on Coscare(2) technology—which delivers make-up effects and skincare benefits—to develop this formula, which fully meets consumer expectations.
  • Haircare

    Power Moisture
    To meet Chinese women’s specific expectations, L'ORÉAL PARIS is developing the first-ever shampoo range to provide a single solution to two seemingly different problems: oily scalp and dry hair. The L'Oréal researchers developed a formula that features purifying salicylic acid and water-retaining sodium hyaluronate.
  • Men’s cosmetics

    Men Expert Complete 5
    For men too, healthiness is synonymous with glossy, manageable hair. The key concern of Chinese men faced with dandruff or greasy hair is thus keeping their hair clean. To meet this challenge, a range of five silicone-free anti-dandruff shampoos with different benefits has been developed by the Pudong centre for the L'ORÉAL PARIS brand.
(1) World Health Organisation.
(2) A combination of “cosmetics” and “care”.