Digital is revolutionising the hairdressing world

The Professional Products Division is harnessing the power of digital technology to reinvent the hairdressing world, reaching out to stylists and consumers, providing them with the most effective products and services for the optimum beauty experience.

The e-commerce boom

The Division has seen a strong acceleration in e-commerce. It has embraced a fully-fledged omnichannel approach in everything from D2C e-commerce and pure players to social commerce, which provides an easy way for stylists to sell online to their clients.

A powerful digital ecosystem

The Professional Products Division now has a powerful, data-driven, online and offline B2B ecosystem to engage, train and serve salons and independent stylists in a more personalised way. It has set up two innovative digital platforms specific to hairstylists:- L'Oréal Partner Shop, a B2B e-commerce site that lets stylists order online whenever they wish, with access to a whole range of services.- L’Oréal Access, an online training platform that offers a wealth of content, including tutorials and learning modules on trends and the Division’s products, providing training and networking opportunities to a professional community in more than 100 countries.

In the United States, the Division relies on its extensive professional distribution network, SalonCentric. Its online and offline distribution model meets demand from both salons and independent stylists, who account for more than half the hairstylists in the United States.All around the world, the Division has amplified its digital capabilities to reach hairstylists at scale via social media and live streaming. The virtual event Matrix Connect in India, for example, brought together more than 200,000 stylists at the same time. 

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Social commerce: an upward trend

Social commerce, which allows stylists to sell online to their clients, is booming. In the space of just a few months, the Professional Products Division has developed effective, industry-specific tools to boost stylists’ e-commerce activities, from sending out a catalogue on WhatsApp to creating a dedicated social commerce website and providing priority access to delivery services. India, for example, has developed L’Oréal Salon Shop, a social commerce platform with these three functionalities, which now includes more than 11,000 salons. 

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