When science and innovation join forces with nature

L’Oréal is inventing the future of beauty by rapidly developing technological and scientific innovations which are increasingly underpinned by biotechnologies, nature and the power of the living world.

Nature: an infinite source of inspiration

Consumers today want products made with natural ingredients that are respectful of both their health and the environment, without compromising on technical performance or sensory experience. Environmental and social concerns also guide their choices. L’Oréal, which has chosen to step up its sustainable development commitments, takes those concerns seriously. The Group has rolled out initiatives at every step in the value chain, from raw materials sourcing to product use and including formula development and manufacturing. These convictions all converge towards the same end: nature and the living world are a major source of scientific discovery and infinite inspiration to “Create the beauty that moves the world.”

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Our Purpose

Increasingly innovative and sustainable products

Using Green Sciences L’Oréal Research & Innovation harnesses the power of the living world for science, to develop formulas that are increasingly natural and environmentally friendly, while delivering new levels of performance. Major advances in environmental science, agronomy, biotechnology and green chemistry have made it possible to produce effective ingredients and environmentally friendly materials from renewable natural raw materials and ingredients of natural origin. With biotechnologies, the search for unprecedented performance using new ingredients has opened up hitherto unexplored fields of research, in both formulation and product packaging. For example, Volume Million Lashes mascara by L’Oréal Paris is the outcome of an innovative eco-design approach that has optimised the use of renewable, organically sourced raw materials: its formula contains 99% natural ingredients. 

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Using biomimicry to enhance products’ natural qualities

To combat the external stresses and strains that weaken hair, L’Oréal’s scientific innovations provide concrete, targeted solutions that are even more effective in dealing with pollution, urban life, climate, seasonal changes, colouring, overdrying, daily routines and more. 

For example, L’Oréal Research & Innovation developed the formula for Metal Detox, a professional range of haircare products that prevents breakage after dyeing. After seven years of research in partnership with the University of Ioánnina in Greece, the teams discovered a previously unknown phenomenon: during the hair colour process, when the copper naturally contained within the hair fibre is present in excessive amounts, it reacts violently with the oxidising agent, causing the fibre to break, which leads to a less precise colour result. So, they developed a technology dubbed Metalblocker, which uses the amino acid glycine to inactivate the copper. The test results are impressive: the technology draws on biomimicry to reduce breakage by 87% when all products in the range are used. This is just one example of the tremendous potential for innovation “naturally” present in the living world, which is increasingly the focus of L’Oréal Research & Innovation.