Committed, inclusive, responsible brands

Consumers today are interested in authenticity, engagement and responsibility—values embraced by the Division’s brands, which offer products that are both effective and sustainable. True to their roots, Consumer Products Division brands use their influence to defend causes that are important to them.

Great brands committed to great causes

L’Oréal’s brands use their influence, visibility and scope for action to support key causes promoting inclusivity. L’Oréal Paris—a feminine and feminist brand par excellence—committed to training a million people to fight street harassment via its Stand Up programme, in partnership with the NGO Hollaback!. The message was broadcast via the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which lit up in Stand Up’s colours during the 2021 World Expo Dubai to support women’s freedom and independence. The Stand Up programme has already trained over 650,000 people. Elsewhere, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its “Because you’re worth it” slogan and its commitment to supporting women, the brand organised its traditional Paris fashion show around the themes of women’s empowerment and diversity. 

Maybelline New York meanwhile continued to pursue its pledge to fight anxiety and depression among young people. The New York brand launched Brave Together, an awareness-raising and training programme targeting mental health. The goal is to create local partnerships with organisations, encourage people to talk about mental health, and provide a safe space where those who suffer from anxiety attacks can share their feelings. 

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Coming together to protect the environment

The brands are equally ambitious on the environmental front. L’Oréal Paris announced its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 while stepping up its environmental commitments. As part of its Green Beauty initiative, Garnier unveiled a campaign at the World Expo in Dubai to raise awareness about sustainable consumption via a documentary series. Produced by National Geographic CreativeWorks, it aims to share expert advice on how to apply sustainable development principles in the beauty industry and encourage 250 million people to embrace more environmentally-friendly practices by 2025. Maybelline New York also furthered the cause with its Make Up, Not Make Waste initiative, a major campaign to collect makeup packaging in partnership with distributors to promote recycling of this type of waste, which all too often finds its way to landfills. 

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