Social and digital: the new beauty paradigm

The Covid crisis accelerated the growth of both e-commerce and social commerce, but it also saw brick-and-mortar stores once again take centre stage in building relationships with consumers, particularly thanks to increased digital presence in stores. Read on for a closer look at how L’Oréal’s Consumer Products Division brands are reinventing beauty experiences.

Entertainment and gaming: new must-haves for online beauty

New trends in retailtainment and social commerce have woven ties with the entertainment industry to create new ways for consumers to interact with their favourite brands. Popular television series, streaming platforms and online gaming have given brands more and more ways to reach out to consumers. For example, NYX Professional Makeup signed a partnership with Netflix involving the hit series Money Heist and Sex Education. Filming and online events featuring actors and makeup artists from the series allowed the brand to share its makeup expertise with a younger audience eager for entertainment, via social networks and exclusive collections. Branching out from its pioneering role in this particular field, the brand also ventured into the world of gaming by sponsoring the women’s esports team Dignitas. The move definitely didn’t go unnoticed: it made NYX Professional Makeup the first global cosmetics brand to sponsor an esports team.

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Technology augments consumers’ beauty experiences

Beauty steals the spotlight on social media

Makeup—an expressive, visual category par excellence—is especially popular with influencers and their followers. Thanks to high-profile innovations and effective use of influencer networks, the brands built awareness and grew their communities among a younger audience eager for new experiences, especially on TikTok. L’Oréal Paris successfully turned Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation into a real phenomenon that quickly won over consumers. The brand worked with its ambassadors to develop a series of videos and a compilation of the best TikToK videos made by consumers with the hashtag #lorealinfallible. The videos generated more than 450,000 likes and 5,000 comments. The launch of Sky High mascara by Maybelline New York also created an unprecedented buzz on social networks, with over 300 million views on TikTok, thanks to the participation of a diverse array of opinion leaders, from budding influencers to social media superstars. And the success translated to sales: Sky High regularly made the list of Amazon’s bestsellers in 2021. 

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Increasingly digitalised points of sale

Brick-and-mortar stores, which digitalised to enhance consumer experiences, also played a major role. L’Oréal Paris opened a store in Shanghai that showcases its products using innovative digital experiences. The 120-square-metre concept store invites consumers to discover the L’Oréal Paris world and enjoy an unforgettable immersive experience. Visitors can watch digital animations to learn more about the science behind the products, try out discount voucher distributors and participate in makeup classes filmed and broadcast live on social networks. All of these digitally augmented opportunities create a unique experience for consumers that distils the essence of a major beauty brand and its products.