Spotlight on digitalising the supply chain

Slavik Wu, Head of Supply Chain, Consumer Products, L’Oréal China gives us a backstage look at the supply chain, which accelerated digitalisation to keep pace with the boom in e-commerce. Thanks to their talent, machine learning and artificial intelligence, logistics teams have reinvented their work to provide even more efficient and sustainable services.  

Can you tell us more about the digital transformation of the supply chain?

Our supply chain is digitalised, becoming data driven and powered by artificial intelligence. Let me show you. This is my team of diverse and super talented people. They are using data-driven tools to forecast demand and anticipate volatilities. Artificial intelligence mixed with machine learning algorithms is helping us to collectively make the right decisions. And this is just the beginning of the digital journey. 

Can you tell us more about the supply chain transformation in regards to e-commerce?

Our e-commerce is booming exponentially with crazy peaks of high demand. So, I have to be agile to offer the best consumer experience, no matter what. Our e-commerce business has grown over 100% in the last three years. This is all possible because of an increase in automated solutions.

And what's great is that I have the freedom to propose solutions myself as if it were my own business. Protecting the planet and our environment is an important mission. Look at these green parcels for example. Zero plastic and made of recycled cartons. 

What about green transportation?

One of the latest initiatives to make our supply chain more sustainable is green transportation. Throughout Shanghai city centre, as well as many other cities, these electric bikes are used for delivery.

That was Slavik from L'Oréal supply chain in China, with just a quick peak into the engineering world of L'Oréal!