Technology boosts agility

Data management, machine learning and artificial intelligence now play a critical role in all areas of our business, supporting employees and improving the decision-making process. Let’s take a closer look at the technologies that have enhanced our agility, creativity, and cooperation between teams.

Gathering and deciphering product reviews from consumers to ensure continuous improvement

Consumer reviews, opinions and comments regarding our products are an invaluable source of information in our tireless quest to improve our innovations. 

To aggregate all the comments shared on brand websites and distributor platforms, L’Oréal developed an AI-powered semantic and quantitative analysis platform for consumer reviews. 

The system, dubbed Consumer Loop, is a digital dashboard updated in real time by the Marketing and Research & Innovation teams. Consumer Loop is underpinned by seven custom AI algorithms designed specifically for the platform and able to simultaneously extract product classifications, analyse comment content, erase bias, and more. The pilot scheme analysed 34,000 reviews every month in the US makeup category and has now been expanded to other Zones and product categories. Listening to and decoding consumer reviews in real time strengthens our ability to continuously improve products, formulas and packaging to better meet consumer expectations.   

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Technology fosters transparency and traceability

Technology has redefined what it means to be a beauty advisor

Our point-of-sale beauty advisors make up a large, global community of professionals. Taking their expectations and specific needs into consideration, L’Oréal Luxe developed One Retail, a community mobile app that allows them to stay informed and connect with one another. Designed by the Technology teams in partnership with Microsoft, the app puts all the digital tools beauty advisors need in one place: a secure personal account, along with human resources and personal performance information, as well as scheduling and task management options. The app also includes training and support modules for beauty advisors, plus performance data for their point of sale, brand news and a collaborative space for sharing documents and communicating with other beauty advisors and sales teams.   

IT lies at the core of the Group’s technological transformation

To reach its goal of becoming the Beauty Tech leader, the Group focused on two key priorities: modern, innovative IT and tech solutions to support L’Oréal’s different professions on the one hand, and robust, secure and scalable tech infrastructures on the other. As strategic partners for all of the Group’s professions and Zones, IT teams have carried out a large-scale transformation over the last few years to revamp the Group’s IT architecture, redeploy via service platforms, and bring about major technological shifts.

With over 1,500 IT projects delivered in 2021, IT supported modernisation and digitalisation for every Zone, country, Division and function. Thanks to a new organisational structure and new governance, which was finalised in 2021, IT now has the means to provide scalable platforms and solutions, the vast majority of which have been methodically rolled out on a grand scale to streamline approaches worldwide. Thanks to its simplified, modular structure, the Group is now fully equipped to ensure widespread use of standard, turnkey APIs, which better integrate applications and allow them to work together, improving and shortening the roll-out phase.

Teams continue to migrate our IT infrastructures towards the cloud : over 50% of them are already on the public cloud, which enhances agility and flexibility while optimising costs and carbon footprint.

The drive to upgrade L’Oréal’s technological resources comes with a sharp focus on cybersecurity and confidentiality, which has given rise to an ambitious programme to protect the Group from cyber threats. The programme also monitors changes in these fields and ensures compliance with new regulations all worldwide.