The future of beauty is now!

Thanks to the power of centuries-old scientific disciplines paired with cutting-edge technologies, L’Oréal is shaping the new face of the beauty industry. In 2021, in line with its drive to continuously improve its understanding of consumer aspirations, the Group developed innovations that provide a glimpse into the future of beauty.

More connected, more personalised beauty

Today, custom makeup is no longer a dream. It is already possible to perfectly adapt your makeup palette to suit your skin tone, hair colour, outfit or latest inspiration. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, algorithms and augmented reality, L’Oréal is making the future of beauty a reality here and now by pushing the limits of product personalisation a little bit further every day. For example, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure powered by Perso is a connected device paired with a dedicated mobile app that allows consumers to create a multitude of fully personalised lipstick shades at home. The exclusive experience combines the best physical and digital innovations (patented virtual try-on technologies, AI-powered colour algorithms, high-performance formulas developed by L’Oréal laboratories, and connected electronic equipment including a removable case for on-the-go touch-ups). Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure powered by Perso uses a proprietary augmented reality algorithm by ModiFace, which includes tens of thousands of images of different complexions from the L’Oréal database to make real-time 3D virtual try-ons a reality. Consumers can check out and try on all the latest trends virtually, instantly create their chosen shade, follow advice in the app on how to choose a shade perfectly suited to their complexion or hair colour, and even match their lipstick to their outfit of the day. This new beauty experience makes it possible to create over 5,000 shades of lipstick at home to cater to consumers’ boundless creativity.   

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Using technology to provide transparency and information for consumers

Embedded QR codes on the Group’s product packaging and store displays have made it easier to help consumers make informed choices by providing easy access to all useful information about a product, from how to use it to what it contains. Whether it’s generic (linked to a particular reference), or serialised (tied to a single, unique product), each QR code scanned with a smartphone redirects consumers to a dedicated website where they’ll find a wide range of information for each product: a list of ingredients and their origin, manufacturing location, environmental and social performance and more. They also have access to “diagnosis” tools, tutorials on how best to use the product, virtual tests and other customer advantages. All of the information, entered directly by the teams at L’Oréal’s internal data platforms, is updated in real time.

In addition to providing valuable information for consumers, serialised QR codes make it possible to track each product’s movements to optimise traceability, making it an effective means for combatting diversion and counterfeiting. By late 2021, 19 brands had rolled out QR codes for over 5,000 product references or displays in points of sale. Going forward, this approach will be expanded to provide transparency and information for all our consumers across all our brands.