L’Oréal in Spain and Portugal

Spain and Portugal have now become a single subsidiary. L’Oréal operations in both countries have been merged to create a centre of excellence and performance to support the Group’s growth and development on the Iberian Peninsula and across Europe. 2022 was a decisive year for this strategic new entity.

Juan Alonso de Lomas

General Manager, L'Oréal Spain and Portugal

In a competitive environment, the new Spain and Portugal cluster will benefit from the Group’s strong brand portfolio and greater innovation capacity thanks to the combined strengths of our talented teams in both countries. We’ll continue to focus our energy on serving consumers with the aim of offering them increasingly effective and responsible beauty.

Spain and Portugal: an enhanced performance cluster in Europe

A single forward-looking subsidiary focused on performance

L’Oréal subsidiaries in Spain and Portugal have been merged to create a large regional cluster covering the Iberian market. Despite an inflationary context, L’Oréal is well positioned in all categories of a beauty market that has picked up after the Covid-19 pandemic. Merging the two subsidiaries actively contributed to this performance. The initiative has allowed the Group to develop centres of excellence in priority areas such as digital – data, ecommerce, direct-to-consumer – along with market intelligence and IT, combining positions and units in strategic hubs while pooling data to create synergies between the Divisions and functions in both countries. The resulting joint expertise will further strengthen local ties by developing proximity to consumers and local distributors in each country. The cluster will also be home to support functions for other European L’Oréal subsidiaries, further developing the Group’s presence across the Zone.

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Disruptive innovation, the L’Oréal hallmark

L’Oréal Spain and Portugal launched major innovations in all product categories, driving the market and strengthening the position of each Division in 2022. Merging the two subsidiaries combined their strengths to develop exceptional product launches and create high-impact activations, such as the campaign for Elvive Hialurónico. This hydrating haircare range owes its success to mass retail presence, significant media investment and an online and in-store promotion and activation strategy built on a compelling scientific argument.
The skincare category also drew on the Group’s multi-brand experience and scientific expertise to raise awareness among influencers and content creators of these innovative products underpinned by science and innovation. As part of a programme called Skincare Campus, 50 influencers took part in training sessions to learn about skincare secrets, star ingredients that optimise product effectiveness and safety, and relevant testing methods. The influencers then went on to share 300 posts with their followers, generating 10 million views and more than 8 million impressions on TikTok and Instagram, with the hashtag #skincarecampus.
Kérastase also created a buzz with its ultra-premium pop-up hair salons in the heart of Madrid and Lisbon, where top Spanish and Portuguese hairstylists came to demonstrate their expertise and products. The concept immediately went viral on social media.

  • No. 1 L’Oréal is the beauty leader in Spain and Portugal
  • 60% of leadership positions held by women

Driving low-carbon production

L’Oréal Spain and Portugal is committed to more responsible beauty. The Burgos plant in Spain has been operating for over 50 years; as the Group’s first Waterloop facility and with “carbon-neutral” status, it provides a benchmark for onsite biodiversity and the circular economy. Burgos makes haircare products marketed by the Professional Products Division in over 50 countries. The subsidiary has continued its commitment to protect the planet with the opening of new offices in Madrid, designed to the highest environmental standards.

Making people a priority

The Spain and Portugal subsidiary is mindful of its employees’ well-being and development, and pursues a proactive human relations policy to develop and retain talent. It also has an ongoing commitment to enhance employability, with an optimal training rate of 100%. In addition, the Group has been voted “Top Employer” by contributors to the Indeed and Glassdoor websites in Spain. Every year, through the Pulse satisfaction survey, the subsidiary listens carefully to the needs and expectations of every employee – an approach even more important when restructuring.

Exemplary results in gender equality and youth employment

The subsidiary is extremely vigilant in ensuring women are fairly represented in its teams, delivering excellent results, since women now hold 60% of leadership positions. It also pays particular attention to employing young people – with 68% of new hires under 30 – and has set up the Generations training programme to focus on training and awareness-raising issues specific to each age group. This enables the subsidiary to help employees grow throughout their career and at each stage of life. Staff at L’Oréal Spain and Portugal span nearly 40 nationalities, and many go on to pursue prosperous careers with the Group abroad.

A company where everyone has a place

L’Oréal Spain and Portugal also continues to strengthen its positive social impact on surrounding communities. Examples include the Solidarity Sourcing programme, which reached out to more than 300 people in 2022, and the different causes supported by the brands, which also helped another 99,000 people, through social initiatives and awareness campaigns.