This site has been ecodesigned

The L’Oréal Annual Report website is part of a three-year sustainable web design plan launched in 2021. Our reasonable and responsible approach amounts to understanding, measuring and reducing the environmental impact of our website. To do so, we use energy-saving technologies and lighter, optimised content, all while providing an optimal browsing experience.

In 2022, our digital platform earned an 88 out of 100 score from fruggr, a reputable third party that evaluates digital footprints and makes recommendations for optimisation.

Our site achieved a high level of performance in 2022. It took the highest score in its category in the fruggr assessment and was the only site to be awarded an Arating, which is given to services that score 85 or higher. Only 3% of services analysed by fruggr (216 across all categories) hold an A rating.

The 2022 Annual Report website assessment reveals a clear performance improvement in digital responsibility, with the overall fruggr score increasing +10 points compared with the 2021 edition and +15 points compared with 2020.

From an environmental standpoint, efforts in areas such as energy-efficient design and content optimisation have further enhanced site performance, leading to a +7 point improvement in the fruggr “Environment” score.

You’re in control

The Annual Report website comes with two options to save energy while you browse.

Energysaver mode

When you activate this mode, the site is displayed with fewer visuals and a text-based version of graphs and charts. You can choose to display the visuals and graphs that interest you with a simple click. The site also goes into dark mode, to save energy on OLED screens.

Video transcripts

Each video gives you the option to either watch the video or read the “text version”, which uses less energy.

Four criteria for environmentally responsible performance

Digital sobriety

We reviewed all features of the site – text, images, animations and videos – to optimise the amount of energy it uses. This allowed us to optimise and improve different site components in areas such as format and length to reduce their environmental footprint. We also added a dark mode for OLED screens and the option to read transcripts instead of watching videos to offer less energy-intensive alternatives.

Media compression

We optimised the size of multimedia content to adapt it to each user’s device. Videos no longer loop automatically. Instead, there’s a play button and an option to read the transcript by selecting “text version”. Image compression provides the best trade-off between quality and size for your device. Visuals will now load as needed when you browse the site, limiting energy use to your actual needs.

Optimising site development

The source code was subject to stringent controls to optimise page weight, reduce the number of queries (data exchange), clean out unnecessary code, improve caching and more.

Environmental impact assessment

We aim to continuously improve our Eco Score and reduce the website’s environmental footprint.

Comparison of the 2022 Annual Report
to previous editions

Year Website pages weighing less than 2.5 MB CO2 emissions (kgCO2e/year) Average number of requests per page
2020 78% 315 48
2021 99% 214 (-32% vs 2020) 46 (-4% vs 2020)
2022 100% 105 (-51% vs 2021 and -67% vs 2020) 10 (-78% vs 2021 and -79% vs 2020)

Did you know?

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