Talent and Diversity

The Group’s 87,400 employees are at the heart of L’Oréal’s success. With them and thanks to them, L’Oréal is shaping the future of beauty based on strong human values. The attention paid to youth employment, individual professional development and constant investment in quality of life at work underlie this human-centric vision and help to attract, engage and retain the best talent.

JeanClaude Le Grand

Chief Human Relations Officer

We are peopledriven, because people are our driving force. They are at the root of each and every decision. Giving them an innovative, inspiring and inclusive work environment is our way of moving the world.

  • 5th in the Universum ranking of the world’s most attractive employers
  • Almost 13,000 people hired
  • More than 261,000 online training hours completed by employees
  • 5th year L’Oréal was recognised by the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the 5th consecutive year


A Human Relations policy that anticipates, attracts and builds loyalty

In 2022, L’Oréal received close to 1.3 million job applications, an increase of +7%. In a highly competitive job market, the Group’s commitment to hiring is stronger than ever. Its attractiveness as an employer remains extremely high, particularly among students, who account for 60% of new hires and for whom L’Oréal is constantly investing.

Committed to youth employment

Young people’s employability and inclusion in the workforce has become a real social issue. In September 2021, the Group launched the L’Oréal for Youth programme, which every year provides job opportunities for 25,000 young people, with a particular focus on those from underprivileged backgrounds. L’Oréal also deploys unique, largescale learning experiences to boost the employability of as many young people as possible. The thirtieth edition of the Brandstorm innovation competition involved more than 80,000 students in 65 countries; the L’Oréal BOOST programme, launched in 2022 in partnership with leading online training provider Coursera, gives 20,000 students a year access to a selection of online courses essential to acquiring skills for the future.

Holding onto talent

L’Oréal has long been committed to an attractive, innovative wage and labour policy (including profitsharing and employee share ownership plans). Its employee retention rate remains stable in a highly dynamic job market. The employee satisfaction rate, measured annually through an internal Pulse survey, continues to increase, with a 79% engagement rate, nine points above the Korn Ferry norm.

For L’Oréal, social progress is indissociable from economic growth and individual engagement. The global Share & Care programme, launched in 2013, endeavours to provide best practices in terms of social protection, health, balance and quality of life at work.

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Fully attuned to the times, the Group focuses on preventive health through a holistic approach to both physical and mental wellbeing. L’Oréal has implemented a largescale plan to upgrade the work environment in the last four years. At the end of 2022, more than two thirds of employees worldwide were working in new or upgraded premises, providing opportunities for hybrid working.

Building tomorrow’s work model

Amid profound changes in the world of work, L’Oréal is building and anticipating the future, meeting the expectations of employees from all generations, with hybrid working, a shift in management attitudes, and greater flexibility in work organisation.

Simplicity – the management change programme launched in 2016 – entered a new phase in 2022 with Simplicity 2, and aims to boost teams’ efficiency and creativity by eliminating timeconsuming practices and processes. 1,600 employees worldwide have identified solutions to be implemented throughout the Group.

These changes are accompanied by two new online services: Connect and Learning. These digital platforms have been rolled out to all 87,400 employees, providing a single access point for professional development, focusing on their goals, interactions with managers and personalised training programmes.

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People and innovation are the keys to value creation

Innovation for an ever more inclusive company

For more than twenty years, L’Oréal has been committed to building a more inclusive company, reflecting the diversity of its consumers around the world – an ambition embodied within the Group on a daily basis, and also more widely in the way it promotes diversity among its consumers and stakeholders.

An internal advisory board to strengthen the Group’s strategy and action plan

Launched in 2021, the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board is made up of twelve external experts and six members of L’Oréal’s leadership team. Its task is to reflect on and implement best practices to make the Group an ever more inclusive leader. The Board is cochaired by L’Oréal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus and Chief Global DE&I Officer Margaret JohnstonClarke, and meets several times a year to address topics related to issues such as Research & Innovation, Human Relations and brand product design. Three meetings and a number of workshops were held in 2022. For example, the Board has had discussions with its internal experts on marketing and innovation as well as with brands to develop foundation product names and reflect each different skin tone more inclusively. These discussions aim to combat stereotypes in product naming and advertising campaigns, and foster an ever more inclusive product offering.

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The Beauty of Inclusion Awards, an internal competition to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

L’Oréal initiated a call for projects internally to highlight and celebrate the most inspiring local diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. The Beauty of Inclusion Awards, sponsored by L’Oréal’s CEO, attracted some 400 projects submitted by more than 6,000 participants in 60 countries. The four winning projects will be implemented across the Group as leading practices. They focus on supporting single mothers, providing new packaging to help visually impaired people, working with online advisors with disabilities in China, reaching out to people from different socioeconomic and multicultural backgrounds in Brazil, and developing the vocabulary and imagery used by brands to better reflect diversity.

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Research to boost inclusiveness

L’Oréal for all generations

L’Oréal firmly believes that intergenerational connections are pivotal to performance and innovation. In 2022, the “L’Oréal for All Generations” initiative was launched in Spain and France, before being rolled out globally. The programme aims to ensure that the Group’s employees feel fulfilled in their careers, from the time they join the company until they retire. This is L’Oréal’s response to the major demographic, technological and environmental challenges we face, ensuring the employability of its employees, 100% of whom received training in 2022. All training needs are considered; for example, L’Oréal initiated a training cycle to overcome digital illiteracy by enabling more than 300 employees at plants and distribution centres in France to familiarise themselves with the digital skills needed on a daily basis.

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Third Employee Share Ownership Plan hugely successful

During its third Employee Share Ownership Plan, rolled out in more than 60 countries, L’Oréal gave its employees the opportunity to buy Group shares on special terms to involve them more in its success and its future. The 2022 campaign was a resounding success: 35% of employees bought shares, evidence of the commitment and trust among staff worldwide. The plan complements the attractive profit-sharing policy and is an additional opportunity for L’Oréal to share its growth and performance with employees and build their loyalty.

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