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The Consumer Products Division continued to grow worldwide driven by its winning strategy: providing innovative, high-quality products that are affordable for the broadest possible audience. Thanks to its iconic and committed brands, the Division is democratising beauty at its best – beauty that is cutting edge, inclusive and sustainable.

What ingredients have led to the success and historic sales achieved by the Consumer Products Division? Alexis Perakis-Valat, President, Consumer Products, takes a look back at 2022 highlights.

More and more consumers are looking for products that are both desirable and accessible, highperforming and responsible. We’re perfectly positioned to amplify and ride the wave.

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2022 Performance

The Consumer Products Division posted its best growth in 20 years: +8.3% like-for-like and +14.6% reported. The Division’s growth was driven by innovation and sound valorisation, without sacrificing volume. All major brands outperformed the market, thanks to successful initiatives in the different categories. Makeup was the Division’s fastest growing category. By Zone, North America and Europe saw very robust performances. At the same time, growth accelerated significantly in Latin America and SAPMENA-SSA, with remarkable performance in high-potential countries such as Mexico, India and Brazil. This more than compensated for the challenging market conditions in China, where the Division accelerated its market share gains in the fourth quarter.

  • +8.3% growth in Division sales, like-for-like
  • 3 billionaire brands: L’Oréal Paris, Garnier and Maybelline New York
  • No. 1 L’Oréal Paris is the number one beauty brand worldwide
  • +14.8% growth in the makeup category


Consumer Products steps up premiumisation, innovation and Beauty Tech

Innovation drives increasingly premium products

In the face of growing demand for increasingly highquality, innovative products, the Consumer Products Division is pursuing its premiumisation strategy by making highend products affordable, and constantly innovating in a supplydriven market. The brands democratise high valueadded innovations that are carefully formulated by the Research & Innovation teams.

Revitalift Filler HA 20 Cream by L’Oréal Paris is a prime example. Launched in China this year, it boasts a formula featuring ProXylane, an active ingredient created by Green Sciences and patented by L’Oréal. Meanwhile, at Garnier, the brand’s AHA BHA antiblemish serum confirmed its skincare expertise. Other examples include Superstay Vinyl Ink by Maybelline New York, a highshine, longwear lipstick that holds up against the vagaries of everyday life, and the Hyaluron Repulp haircare range by Elvive, enriched with hyaluronic acid for optimal hydration.

Conquering new markets and touchpoints

The Division continued to expand geographically by sustainably strengthening its position in highpotential emerging markets, like Mexico and India, where it capitalised on hugely successful franchises like Garnier’s Vitamin C serum.

To boost engagement and consumer trust, the brands are extremely active on social media and are taking full advantage of the opportunities created by social commerce. In Indonesia, the Division jumped from 300,000 to 41 million views on TikTok in just six months, thanks to a driven strategy underpinned by frequent video posts and livestreaming.

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The brands, influencers and beauty advisors are constantly developing new content. In Europe, the brands launched a gift box full of iconic products with the hashtag #TiktokMadeMeBuyIt, which was viewed by 11 million people and generated a strong conversion rate in all 10 participating countries. Lastly, digital services based on Beauty Tech, like “diagnosis” tools and virtual tryon apps, are a powerful means to enhance the purchasing experience: Maybelline New York’s services have been used by 2.2 million consumers in more than 45 countries!

Quality performance drives growth

Distributors see the Division as a preferred partner due to its excellent performance. It ranked among the top four global consumer goods players in a survey about branddistributor relations. Superlative performance throughout the value chain becomes particularly tangible during major campaigns, like Break Free by Maybelline New York, or launches of star products, like consumerfavourite Superstay Vinyl Ink, whose launch went off without a hitch despite a volatile context, thanks to the Division’s production agility and the expertise of its teams.

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Makeup’s triumphant return

Following months of lockdowns and restricted movement during the Covid19 pandemic, the Division capitalised on the “lipstick effect” in 2022. This trend, observed in the wake of crisisinduced uncertainty, has resulted in restored interest in simple pleasure products, like lipstick. The entire beauty market is affected by the phenomenon, but it has been particularly impactful in the makeup category, which recorded sales above prepandemic levels. This success reflects an underlying trend and is also underpinned by cuttingedge innovations and powerful activations orchestrated by the brands.

Ingredients, products and campaigns: innovation is everywhere

Thanks to innovation, all of the Division’s brands grew in the makeup category. Their formulas now feature active ingredients, like vitamin C, which used to be the exclusive domain of other categories. It first appeared in Superstay Vinyl Ink Fresh Tint lipstick by Maybelline New York, in China and emerging markets, and in Glow Shots eyeshadow by NYX Professional Makeup. Innovation has also enabled the brands to position themselves in new product categories. For example, NYX Professional Makeup broke into the growing falseeyelash market with Jumbo Lashes. Last but not least, innovation has boosted creativity in launch campaigns, leading to increasingly artistic and entertaining inspirations, like the summer collection campaign for Essie nail varnish, which was a resounding success in Europe, or the campaign for the Halloween collection by NYX Professional Makeup, inspired by Cirque du Soleil, featuring looks that were both offbeat and ultrasophisticated.

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Digital activations and O+O

Makeup is a star category on social media, which provides opportunities for the brands to creatively showcase their products to extend their reach and visibility as part of their omnichannel strategy. Digital activations can also amplify physical events and viceversa, enabling the brands to surprise growing numbers of consumers.

Capitalising on its colour expertise, collaborations, and Kculture brand image, 3CE Stylenanda takes full advantage of digital activations via ecommerce and social commerce, as well as brickandmortar stores, to create fun opportunities for consumers to learn more about the brand. In 2022, 3CE Stylenanda earned the top spot on the podium at one of China’s biggest retail events by becoming the number one brand on TMall during the 6.18 shopping festival.

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A Division fully committed to protecting the planet: largescale sustainable beauty

The Division accounts for two-thirds of the Group’s products in terms of volume and plays a key role in L’Oréal’s sustainable transformation. Its contribution to achieving the targets set by L’Oréal for the Future is crucial. The Division has rolled out several large-scale initiatives:
– in recycling, 70% of PET is recycled, which saves 26,800 tonnes of virgin plastic each year.
– in reducing plastic use in packaging, with the enhanced revamp of Ultimate Blends and increased availability of refill systems.
– and in consumer information, with products displaying their social and environmental impact score audited by third-party bodies. L’Oréal Paris and Garnier have already begun including this score on their haircare and skincare products.

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Vitamin C: a beauty booster in every sense

Vitamin C is a must-have active ingredient in skincare, with a wide range of benefits. It promotes a radiant complexion and combats blemishes, which are the number two consumer skincare concern worldwide. Garnier seized the opportunity to create its Vitamin C skincare range – including a cleanser, a sheet mask, a serum, a gel and a micellar water – and to roll it out in several markets. The serum has been a major success in South-East Asia, where it grew four times faster than its category. In the Gulf states, it climbed to the top spot among consumer products serums in just two months. And in Europe, where the range is currently being rolled out, it aims to win over several million consumers.

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L’Oréal is restoring the magic of massmarket beauty

Faced with the profusion of beauty products available in supermarkets, consumers sometimes struggle to make choices. The Division is working hard to turn their purchasing experience into a comprehensive introduction to its products by rolling out new concepts in points of sale around the globe. It aims to make its offer clearer, showcase products with mask bars and display cases dedicated to serums, and provide an omnichannel experience linked to online brand activations. The results have been positive. Participating points of sale in Latin America have seen +20% growth in sales, for example. Given this success, L’Oréal is also implementing this strategy in the skincare category with the Dermatological Beauty Division.

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