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16  April 2019

First quarter 2019 sales (after stock market closing time)

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To keep informed about L’Oréal’s latest financial news and events, download the new “L’Oréal Finance” app for iPhone, iPad et Android and enjoy a more customised experience.

Discover the L’Oréal Finance mobile app

L’Oréal Finance is now a universal application which you can use on both your smartphone and tablet!
The app gives you access to the group’s latest financial information, the latest share price and financial news, publications, news releases, and the most recent webcasts and strategic presentations.

How to download the application:

Visit the App Store or Google Play and type “L’Oréal Finance” in the search field, or scan the relevant QR code below:

Features include:

  • Interactive share price graphs for comparing the L’Oréal share with the main stock market indices
  • Live stock exchange information
  • Calendar updates of future financial publications and shareholder events