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30  oct 2018

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Reasons to invest in L’Oréal

Some 200,000 individual shareholders are already taking part in the L'Oréal adventure.

How to become a L'Oréal shareholder?

To become a L’Oréal shareholder, all you need is one share. To purchase one or more L’Oréal shares, you have two possibilities:

A bearer shareholder

You can make a direct request to your bank or financial institution for L’Oréal shares to be purchased on your behalf and register them on a securities account opened in your name.

A registered shareholder

You can register your shares directly with L'Oréal in a securities account opened in your name, which allows you to receive information straight from L’Oréal.
Become a registered shareholder and receive a loyalty bonus +10%

Find out more

5 reasons to take part in the L'Oréal adventure.

Being a L’Oréal shareholder means sharing and supporting a clear strategic project for a new L’Oréal that is more universal, more digital and more sustainable, and investing in a profitable and high-growth share.

An exciting mission

beauty for all

Beauty has always been present in the history of humankind. Beauty is rich in meaning, and helps everyone to build self-confidence and to open up to others.

For more than a century, L’Oréal has devoted itself solely to one business: beauty. Its mission is to offer all the women and men on the planet the best in cosmetics innovation in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.

Created by a researcher, Eugène Schueller, L’Oréal has constantly pushed back the frontiers of science to meet the infinite diversity of beauty desires.

The world leader in beauty

4 Divisions that develop a specific vision for each consumption universe:

L'Oréal luxe

Consumer products

in the mass market

Professional products

in hair and beauty salons

Active cosmetics

in dermocosmetics

L’Oréal Research and Innovation

million euros invested in Research and Innovation
Research and Innovation employees
patents registered in 2017
research centres worldwide

A unique strategy


Universalisation is globalisation that captures, understands and respects differences.

To capture every kind of beauty aspiration, L’Oréal is extremely attentive to consumers’ views, and has profound respect for their differences in terms of needs, desires and traditions.

This unique strategy is the world vision that drives L’Oréal.

global centres in France
Regional hubs

United States, Japan, China, India, Brazil, South Africa

Thanks to the group’s Advanced Research expertise, they develop and adapt technologies as close as possible to our consumers.

Evaluation centres
Industrial plants

They are organised by regions to ensure they are close to the different markets, so that all opportunities can be seized.

An inspiring ambition

winning one billion new consumers

In a worldwide cosmetics market driven by the rise of the middle classes and the growth of consumer spending, L’Oréal has the ambition to attract one billion new consumers.

To succeed in this aim, the group draws on the vitality of its brands, their innovative power and their internationalisation potential.

A strong beauty market

Growth of the worldwide cosmetics market from 2008 to 2017(1)
(estimated annual growth rate, as %)

2017 + 4 à + 5 % 2016 + 4,0 % 2015 + 3,9 % 2011 + 4,6 % 2014 + 3,6 % 2010 + 4,2 % 2012 + 4,6 % 2008 + 2,9 % 2013 + 3,8 % 2009 + 1,0 % 5 4 3 2 1 +4 à +5 %

A strong beauty market

E-commerce share

of worldwide beauty market(1)

Growth in worldwide

online beauty sales(1)

Like-for-like sales growth

L’Oréal’s e-commerce(2)

(1) L’Oréal 2016 estimates of the worldwide cosmetics market in net manufacturer prices. Excluding soaps, oral hygiene, razors and blades. Excluding currency effects.
(2) Sales achieved on the brands’ own websites and estimated sales achieved by the brands on retailers’ websites (non-audited data).

A responsible commitment

Sharing Beauty With All

Because it is not enough for a company to deliver strong economic performance, L’Oréal is committed to the “Sharing Beauty With All” programme to ensure the group’s long-term success.
This programme will be the main spearhead of our citizen commitment, which goes along with our economic and financial performance over the long term.

L’Oréal has been awarded by the CDP(1) with three “A” ratings – the best possible score – in each of the three fields of environmental protection: combating climate change, managing water in a sustainable way and protecting forests. Only two companies, out of more than 3,000 evaluated worldwide, achieved this rating in 2017.


of new products assessed have an improved environmental or social impact(2)


of CO2 emissions in factories and distribution centres(3).

Consuming sustainably

of the brands have evaluated their environmental and social footprint and took commitments to reduce it(4).

Sharing our growth

of L’Oréal permanent employees have health insurance coverage in line with the best practices in each country.

Learn more about the

“Sharing Beauty With All”

programme’s commitments in the 2017 Annual Report

Learn more

(1) CDP is an independent global organisation that evaluates companies’ achievements in their environmental performance. (2) New products, i.e. those for which new formulas have been developed and which are produced for the first time in the group’s factories, or products whose packaging was modified/renovated in 2016. (3) In the plants and distribution centres. In absolute value. Period 2005-2016. (4) Calculated as a proportion of 2015 consolidated sales.

2017 Results

A solid model

Creating value

Supported by the long-term vision of its shareholding structure, stable management and the expertise and commitment of its 89,300 employees, L’Oréal has always targeted profitable and sustainable growth.
The solid balance sheet, financial situation and results confirm the strength of L’Oréal’s business model, which creates value and generates cash flow.

A balanced and solid business model

+4.8 %
4.68 Bn €
Operating profit
+3.0 %
Net earnings
per share(1)

Total shareholder return(2)

(1) Diluted earnings per share, after non-controlling interests, excluding non-recurring items. (2) The TSR (Total Shareholder Return) takes into account not only the value of the share but also the dividend income received (excluding tax credits before 1 January 2005). At 31 December 2016.