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Consultation committee

Created in 2010, L’Oréal’s Individual Shareholder Consultation Committee is an initiative aimed at deepening the relationship with our individual shareholders, to improve the understanding of their expectations and the communication that is directed towards them.

The Individual Shareholders' Consultation Committee is a true consultation body which deals with all individual shareholder matters, and particularly the following themes:

  • Shareholder relations;
  • The beauty world and the cosmetics sector;
  • Shareholder events (such as the Annual General Meeting, shareholder meetings, and the Actionaria Stock Market Fair);
  • Communication tools (Letters to Shareholders, multimedia magazine, Internet website)

The Individual Shareholders' Consultation Committee meetings are organised by L'Oréal and held between three and five times a year.

Read the Internal Rules (in French only)

Danielle Antoine

Philippe Chandellier

Marie-Paule Descamps

Arnauld Ducoulombier

Martial de Coquereaumont

Marie-Louise Fimeyer

Françoise Mahieu German

Yves Goetz

Michel Guerrillot

Bernard Largillier

Marie-Cécile Lecerf

Philippe Nouvellet

Françoise Peter

Gert Schaumburg

If you would like to become a member of the Individual Shareholder Consultation Committee (ISCC), we invite you to read the Internal Rules of the Committee (in French) and complete the questionnaire. The ISCC is composed of 18 members, half of whom are renewed every year. If you decide to complete the form, your application could be accepted and studied during the next renewal of terms of office.

Read the Internal Rules (in French only) Complete the application Form (in French only)

Meeting of 30 November 2018

For its last meeting of the year, the committee met at the Charles Zviak Research Centre in Clichy, France.

« I have had the opportunity of being involved with the Individual Shareholder Consultation Committee and thank the members for their contribution to improving communications with our individual shareholders. »

Jean-Paul AGON

Chairman and CEO