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Cosmetics Market

L’Oréal maintains for another year its position
as leader of the global cosmetics market x.


The world of beauty in

The worldwide cosmetics market has grown steadily, spurred on by innovation and the limitless diversity of consumer aspirations.

+4 to +5% x

growth in 2017

€200 Bn

estimated sales


The global beauty market

Growth of the worldwide cosmetics market over ten years (as a %) 

2017 +4 to +5% 2016 +4.0% 2015 +3.9% 2011 +4.6% 2014 +3.6% 2010 +4.2% 2012 +4.6% 2008 +2.9% 2013 +3.8% 2009 +1.0% 5 4 3 2 1 +4 to +5%

Key factors that have contributed to the success of the cosmetics market


Continuing growth of beauty product spending online


The expansion of social networks


The appetite for new, different, better and premium products


The acceleration of urbanisation worldwide


The increase in the number of seniors worldwide

Breakdown of the market by geographic Zone x

Amérique du Nord

North America

Amérique latine

Latin America

Afrique, Moyen-Orient

Africa, Middle East

Europe de l'Ouest

Western Europe

Europe de l'Est

Eastern Europe

Asie Pacifique

Asia Pacific


Breakdown of the market by product category x

  • Skincare 37%
  • Haircare 22%
  • Makeup 19%
  • Fragrances 12%
  • Hygiene products 10%

Main worldwide players in sales
(in billions of USD) x

  • 28.6

  • Unilever


  • Procter & Gamble


  • Estée Lauder


  • Shiseido


  • Coty


Online sales


growth in worldwide
online cosmetics sales x


share of e-commerce
in the beauty market x


Focus on the luxury cosmetics market

The luxury cosmetics market is constantly growing and has seen a boom in the last few years, driven by the expansion of the high-income class and the increase in the number of Chinese consumers travelling worldwide.


of the beauty market x


of worldwide cosmetics market growth x

Performance of the luxury cosmetics market compared to the total cosmetics market (as a %)x

  • Total cosmetics market
  • Luxury cosmetics market

Most buoyant categories
of the luxury cosmetics market


The Chinese makeup market has grown strongly accounting for 25% of the selective market in 2017.
The lip makeup segment, the biggest market segment, has significantly contributed to growth. x


The global luxury skincare market saw a resurgence in 2017, driven by the women's face care segment.


Global luxury skincare market in 2016 x


Global luxury skincare market in 2017 x


Luxury market consumers

The high-income classes in North America and Asia

The high-income classes are likely to show the fastest population growth in the next 15 years, reaching more than 330 million people by 2030x.

Asie, Pacifique
Asia Pacific

In the Asia Pacific region, where the high-income classes are relatively small, they are expected to grow the fastest by 2030.

Amérique du Nord
North America

North America will continue to be the wealthiest region, and is expected to be home to almost half of the world’s high-income classes by 2030.

Travel Retail: a prestige channel

Weight (value) of the global Travel Retail market by nationality in 2017 x

Russians 5 % Americans 3 % Chinese 45 % South Koreans 10 % 4 % Brazilians

Chinese tourists

Chinese spending in international tourism rose from 13 billion USD in 2000 to 55 billion in 2010 and 261 billion in 2016 x.

The number of Chinese travellers abroad has continued to rise, reaching 135 million in 2016. This growth confirms China as the largest source of outbound tourists since 2012, with tourist spending seeing double-digit growth since 2004.

Past and predicted development of the weight of Chinese consumers in the global luxury market (as a %) x
50 30 10 2008 36% 32% 21% 12% 2012 2016 2020

L’Oréal Luxe enjoys a strong, balanced portfolio of brands

Major aspirational and multi-expert brands

  • kiehls
  • urban-decay

Growth drivers often specialised in a single product category

  • atelier-cologne
  • schouler
  • itcosmetics

New niche additions

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