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Research & Innovation

“To stay ahead of the game, we are both quick and inventive”

Laurent Attal

Executive Vice-President
Research & Innovation
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patents filed in 2017


million euros, or 3.4% of sales invested in Research & Innovation


global centres in France


research centres grouped into six regional hubs (United States, Japan, China, India, Brazil and South Africa)


evaluation centres


Creating safe beauty products

To ensure the safety and quality of future products, L’Oréal evaluates the safety of ingredients very early on, through a rigorous predictive process featuring innovative methods.

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Open innovation: a flexible partnership between scientific players

To harness the diversity of scientific ecosystems and move into emerging scientific and technological fields, L’Oréal Research has developed an open innovation approach.

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Cosmetics that respect water resources

Preserving the planet’s water resources is a major environmental challenge. Through the “Sharing Beauty With All” programme, L’Oréal is committed to reducing its water use and footprint, while also protecting the quality of existing water reserves.

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Alliagel®: a technology that is revolutionising cosmetics

Innovation often involves going off the beaten path. That’s exactly what the teams did to formulate combinations of ingredients with antinomic properties. They discovered the conditions necessary for gels thought to be incompatible to blend together. This led to the birth of the exclusive Alliagel® technology, which has several advantages: a new sensory signature, improved availability of active ingredients, and in some cases, dramatic optical results. This technology, which can be adapted to almost all product categories (skincare, makeup, haircare, etc.), reveals how product development can play an integral role in enhancing product performance for the end consumer.


100 years of experience developing safe products

Ensuring the quality and safety of all L’Oréal products for all consumers has been a priority for the Group for over 100 years. This guarantee relies on a rigorous system which encompasses every aspect of our production process worldwide, from the choice of ingredients to product formulation, from manufacturing to compliance with market regulations.

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Listen to a message from Stéphane Dhalluin, Head of Worldwide Safety Evaluation at L'Oréal.

Changes in consumer behaviour are transforming the beauty industry

A consumer revolution is truly underway in this rapidly evolving world, entailing six major and lasting changes that are sustainably transforming the world of beauty.

Watch the video featuring Marie-Charlotte Ponsot, Director Consumer Insight at L’Oréal.

A made-to-order serum

Following in the footsteps of Teint Particulier by Lancôme last year, SkinCeuticals has begun offering personalised products with the D.O.S.E. system, now available in the United States. Based on the expert advice of a dermatologist, or a questionnaire that determines the patient’s skin type, the machine recommends a formula suited to the patient’s skin. The mixer prepares the serum and prints a personalised label with the customer’s name, formula type, application instructions and expiry date.

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