Administration and Finance - L'Oréal Finance: Annual Report 2018
2018 Annual Report

Administration and Finance

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"Supporting growth and dialogue with stakeholders"

Christian Mulliez

Executive Vice-President

Chief Financial Officer

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Behind the scenes of beauty

Being an internal auditor

Being an internal auditor at L’Oréal means working day-to-day in different parts of the world, in a role that can be challenging. Florencia Vazquez describes the programme as a sort of L’Oréal MBA, that provides a rich range of experience. She is joined by Panagiotis Konstantellos, as the two internal auditors talk about what their role entails.

Data protection: a key priority for L’Oréal

Protecting the data of consumers and stakeholders is essential in a relationship of trust, and this is one of L’Oréal’s key priorities. The Group has been actively involved in these issues for many years with its Code of Ethics, and has published a guide, “Ten points for vigilance”, about personal data. It sets out how the various types of data should be managed in terms of security, confidentiality, and length of conservation.

Behind the scenes of beauty

Business Relationship Managers: the go-betweens

The IT teams are today a vital partner for the Group’s digital transformation. New functions have been created, including that of Business Relationship Manager. Frédéric Dumas de la Roque and Dennis Lienard tell us more.

L’Oréal receives awards for transparency and governance

The beauty leader has been awarded the Transparency Grand Prix for the accessibility, accuracy, comparability and availability of its Code of Ethics.
Group’s governance has also been acclaimed: at the second Diversity Awards, organised by the Ethics & Boards Observatory and The Institute of Responsible Capitalism, L’Oréal once again took first place among French CAC 40 companies for the representation of women in key positions, based on the Zimmermann Index.
At the 18th Investor Awards ceremony, Boursorama acknowledged the achievements of L’Oréal, which received the award for International Development. The award was based on a survey of individual and professional investors to identify the best practices among major listed companies. Each year, the aim is to determine the companies which best meet their expectations in terms of innovation, education, financial performance, commitment to the environment and international development.

Behind the scenes of beauty

Individual shareholders committed together with L’Oréal

The L’Oréal Financial Communications team was present at the 21st Actionaria shareholder fair in Paris. During Actionaria, we talked to individual shareholders Marie-Paule Descamps and Michel Guérillot about the reasons behind their investment, and their loyalty to the Group.