Digital - L'Oréal Finance: Annual Report 2018
2018 Annual Report


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“L’Oréal is inventing the beauty of tomorrow with digital technologies, from product design through to the beauty experience enjoyed by consumers”

Lubomira Rochet

Executive Vice-President

Chief Digital Officer

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Reinventing creative codes for digital marketing

Digital platforms – first and foremost social networks – are imposing new creative codes to grab readers’ attention with formats that are growing shorter, catchier and more visual. The content has to be adjusted to suit each platform, targeted for specific tribes, focused on the consumer, and able to generate engagement. Marketing and communications have incorporated these new codes, and have L’Oréal’s brands moving toward Stories on Instagram, Snapchat and WeChat, by developing even more visual content.

Behind the scenes of beauty

ModiFace: L’Oréal enters the Beauty Tech  era

L’Oréal has acquired ModiFace, a pioneering company in the fields of artificial intelligence and augmented reality as applied to beauty. By integrating ModiFace with its Digital Services Factory, the Group has enhanced its ability to develop innovative experiences for consumers. Vincent Arcin, Digital Services Factory Director, talks more about this.

The digital cockpit: measuring the impact of digital investments

L’Oréal’s teams measure the impact of their digital investments. When a campaign launches, tests are conducted to promote only the most performing media. A “digital cockpit” comprising several performance indicators has been rolled out to facilitate these tests. They enable the Group to optimise media investments and obtain the best possible results.

Behind the scenes of beauty

Partnering with innovators

L’Oréal gives its partner startups new momentum. Marie Chevrier, founder and CEO of Canadian personalised samples company Sampler, shares how L’Oréal accelerated her company’s development.

Real-life digital training

To continue to improve the digital skills of employees, managers are invited to participate in a Business Game: they are placed in a real-life situation managing an e-commerce platform. The game gives participants a good look at the different aspects of the online business (research and SEO, analytic data, stock management, etc.). The initiative is part of the Simplicity programme to transform management and ways of working at L’Oréal.

The Business Game programme is a game-changer for L’Oréal teams. It teaches us to work in a more agile way thanks to a new mindset, new collaborative behaviours and new tools. We test things and learn to achieve our L’Oréal standards of excellence and customer satisfaction even faster. We are now rolling out the programme to the whole Professional Products Division in the United Kingdom“, explains Beatrice Dautzenberg, Professional Products Division Managing Director in the UK.

L’Oréal also continues to provide digital training for all its employees, and all new recruits must pass the CM1 (Certified Marketing 1) test on digital tools.