Research & Innovation - L'Oréal Finance: Annual Report 2018
2018 Annual Report

Research & Innovation

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"Science: the key to the beauty of tomorrow"

Laurent Attal

Executive Vice-President

Research and Innovation

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Safety and ingredient sourcing at L’Oréal

L’Oréal’s priority for over a hundred years has been to guarantee the quality and safety of all its products. This guarantee is underpinned by a rigorous global system that covers ingredient selection, product design, manufacturing and sales.
Learn more about the ingredients used in beauty products.

Skincare is making a comeback

Skincare is growing strongly thanks to dual consumer interest in science on the one hand, and safe effective products on the other. A long, sustainable cycle seems to be emerging, propelled by L’Oréal’s iconic brands such as Lancôme with its Génifique range becoming increasingly popular, particularly in Asia. This interest in skincare opens new long-term research perspectives – on the microbiome, for example – that can be rolled out to other beauty segments in the future.

Behind the scenes of beauty

How does artificial intelligence drive scientific innovation?

Michael Haddad, Head of Augmented Beauty Invention in the United States, explains how L’Oréal uses new technologies in Research & Innovation, both in its laboratories and for consumers.

Behind the scenes of beauty

How do we turn ingredients of natural origin into effective formulas?

To reach their full potential, ingredients of natural origin need a little help from science, which concentrates and multiplies their virtues without adulterating them. This is L’Oréal’s conviction, which is fully in line with consumer expectations. Ana Kljuic, International Director for Skincare Development for the Active Cosmetics and Professional Products Divisions, explains the complex scientific processes used in working with ingredients of natural origin.