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2018 Annual Report

Active Cosmetics

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"Dermocosmetics: when beauty is synonymous with health"

Brigitte Liberman


Active Cosmetics

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like-for-like growth of Division sales


of Division sales in e-commerce


The Division’s number one country: the United States


of our brands are market leaders: La Roche-Posay and SkinCeuticals

Behind the scenes of beauty

SkinCeuticals: bespoke skincare in doctors’ surgeries

The brand that accompanies aesthetic procedures, which is growing strongly in China and the United States, has continued to expand its distribution channels by selling directly to doctors’ surgeries thanks to D.O.S.E. , a personalised skincare service that creates anti-ageing and pigment-correcting formulas tailored to each patient’s needs. SkinCeuticals General Manager Christina Fair explains the concept.

CeraVe: conquering the international market

CeraVe’s success continues in its home countries: the United States and Canada. The brand, formulated with three ceramides essential to skin health and a technology that ensures continuous hydration all day long, is a simple and affordable solution for restoring the skin’s natural barrier. This year, the brand began its international launch in 30 countries, where it has also met with success. The teams are working to build long-term relationships with dermatologists, doctors and pharmacists, who are the brand’s leading prescribers. In the United States, CeraVe is the skincare brand most recommended by dermatologists. 

Behind the scenes of beauty

Understanding your skin better

Dermocosmetics brand La Roche-Posay offers DermClasses, managed by the subsidiaries, all over the world. Whether on-site or online, these classes are designed to share the brand’s sensitive skin expertise. Laetitia Toupet, La Roche-Posay International General Manager explains the concept.

Behind the scenes of beauty

The microbiome: a promising new field of research

The microbiome, which describes the billions of bacteria on our skin, represents a vast field for research and progress. When our cutaneous ecosystem is unbalanced, it can have a huge impact on the skin, causing common skin problems: greasy skin, dandruff, unpleasant odours, eczema, etc. New products work with the “good microbes” to reinvent the cosmetics of tomorrow. L’Oréal has developed products – like Lipikar and Tolériane – that are based on an in-depth knowledge of this scientific field full of promise and new prospects. The brands are also working with healthcare professionals to better understand their expectations and those of their patients. The Active Cosmetics Division fosters dialogue between researchers and clinicians by regularly gathering dermatologists from all over the world at events like the SkinAlliance forum held in Paris. At the event this year, about 30 L’Oréal researchers and international dermatological experts presented work exploring dermocosmetics innovations and the fields of research of tomorrow, including the microbiome.

Behind the scenes of beauty

Beauty Tech : towards digital health monitoring

L’Oréal is developing “health management” technologies by creating innovative pre-diagnosis apps and technological tools. The brand has become a partner for doctors and dermatologists by helping them establish their diagnosis for patients, but it also helps consumers directly by inviting them to play an active role in their health. For example, La Roche-Posay launched My Skin Track UV – the first ever wearable, connected battery-free UV sensor – in the United States. La Roche-Posay United States General Manager Angela Bennett tells us more about it.

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