Quality - L'Oréal Finance: Annual Report 2018
2018 Annual Report

The quest for excellence

In all that we do, for each product that we create and put into consumers’ hands, we have just one obsession, a single word on all our lips: excellence. We are committed to a constant quest for quality, to provide our consumers with ingredients, products, services and performance of the best quality. 

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Consumers trust our brands, which are committed to providing consumers with all of the information they need about their products, with sincerity and transparency. Consumer satisfaction is our priority and their feedback and comments help us in our pursuit of excellence. L’Oréal’s longevity is undoubtedly the clearest proof of consumer trust in our brands, which create unique experiences, build privileged relationships and deliver products of the highest quality.

Brands overview


To offer our consumers benefit from raw materials of the highest possible quality, it is essential to surround ourselves with the best suppliers. To find them, we conduct comprehensive quality audits to ensure each potential partner respects our demanding criteria and the applicable regulations. Once selected, our suppliers commit to upholding the L’Oréal Quality Charter to be a part of our pursuit of excellence. They are also regularly audited. Our close relationships with suppliers enable us to keep tight reins on the reliability and traceability of raw materials.

Research & Innovation


At L’Oréal, offering consumers effective, high-quality products is a commitment – it’s our obsession. In all our plants and subsidiaries, our teams comply with internal norms that go far beyond current regulations. We conduct about 100 quality controls for each of our cosmetics products, spacing them throughout the manufacturing cycle, from development – sourcing raw materials and packaging – through to distribution, by way of manufacturing. Thanks to this process, we receive an average of just 49 complaints for every million products sold. Our goal is to reduce the number of complaints to the bare minimum over the years to come.



L’Oréal aims to provide all consumers with a beauty experience that fulfils their different aspirations, cultures and habits. To provide the best beauty has to offer, L’Oréal is a pioneer in the digital arena and is relying on new technologies to offer high-quality services in stores and online. Thanks to augmented reality, artificial intelligence and data processing, we are developing radically new experiences all over the globe, taking the infinite diversity of our consumers into account. These new techniques harness the power of beauty and create real impact while also effectively serving our consumers.



Quality is everyone’s concern – it’s a culture we all share. With passion and commitment, L'Oréal employees use their talents to serve the company, its brands, products and consumers, to provide them the highest quality. This expectation is present on a daily basis in all of our professions, from plants to shops to international management offices and different countries – it is present in every part of L’Oréal. These amazing teams are the Group’s most important asset and the guarantors of L’Oréal excellence.

Human Relations


Relying on a Governance with a wide range of recognised talents, L’Oréal does its utmost to create profitable and sustainable growth and performance that commands trust from its shareholders and investors. The remarkable figures obtained for many years now are the fruit of this obsession with quality that characterises the Group. Strengthened by this performance, L’Oréal continues to develop its brands and pursue its acquisitions policy to further enrich its palette of brands and create organic growth. We look confidently to the future, driven by this commitment to quality.

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