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2018 Annual Report

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  • 26.9

    billion euros sales in 2018

  • Behind the scenes of beauty

    Leïla Bekhti shares her experience with L’Oréal Paris

    French actress Leïla Bekhti, who was awarded a Best Female Newcomer César in 2011, joined the L’Oréal Paris adventure the same year. In this intimate interview, Leïla Bekhti explains her choice – as a consumer first and ambassador second – to become a spokeswoman for L’Oréal Paris, a brand with strong values.

  • “Our greatest source of pride: Delivering financial performance while being a committed corporate citizen”

    Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • 86,000 


  • Behind the scenes of beauty

    Pulp Riot: professional hair colour in the digital age

    Since its creation, professional hair colour brand Pulp Riot has transformed the market with avant-garde online content and by using social media to inspire and educate stylists around the world, right from the Butterfly Loft salon of founders David and Alexis Thurston. The American brand will be a source of inspiration for the Professional Products Division, which it has joined. Pulp Riot has more than 780,000 followers on Instagram. The brand has also begun its international roll-out. Learn more about the brand from its founders, David and Alexis Thurston.

  • 36


  • 7.1

    like-for-like sales growth

  • Behind the scenes of beauty

    Industrial innovation

    In our plants, the technicians and operators who control the packaging lines know their systems inside out. Vincent Grégoire for example, an operator at the Libramont plant in Belgium, actively participated in the creation of a mobile app to manage his packaging line.