“The Covid-19 crisis has shown that we already had everything we needed to reinvent our work, innovation and production practices.

Our teams have nonetheless been confronted with the dual challenge of adapting extremely quickly to ensure seamless business continuity through remote ways of working and virtual events while coping with the unprecedented explosion of e-commerce and remote consumer engagement.

At the same time, we have continued our efforts and investments to pursue our far-reaching IT transformation plan and transition to tech solutions with the acceleration of e-commerce, cloud  migration, cybersecurity, and the complete overhaul of our ERP  system.

In both aspects, 2020 has been a year of massive acceleration.”

Étienne Bertin

L’Oréal Chief Information Officer

  • 55,633

    employees connected remotely during the Covid-19 crisis 

  • 5 million

    virtual meetings organised via Microsoft Teams 

  • 40%

    of Technologies teams trained in the Agile methodology

  • 18,800

    training sessions in digital tools


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