Augmenting researchers’ innovation capability

Inspired by the “smart company” concept, L’Oréal is rolling out initiatives to “augment” its researchers’ ability to constantly innovate, boosted by the use of improved analysis tools, data science and algorithms, combined with robotics.
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Technologies teams work closely with L’Oréal Research & Innovation to continue developing cutting-edge technologies in the area of personalisation and beauty equipment. Their shared ambition is to constantly improve understanding of consumers’ needs, design the best formulas, guarantee quality and measure efficacy to continuously improve performance. 

How to store, analyse, exploit and above all connect the thousands of complex data items generated by L’Oréal researchers every day? The Group’s experts reveal how Chloé 2.0 harnesses the power of algorithms to speed up innovation. 

A dedicated module for more effective and sustainable science

The Chloé 2.0 project enables the augmented researcher to simulate a molecule virtually and compare it in real time with similar molecules already studied. Chloé 2.0 is an international digital scientific library of all the Group’s raw materials which, through the ability to compare information, speeds up development and the transition to raw materials derived from Green Sciences . A project dedicated entirely to the augmented researcher, for more effective and sustainable science.

Increasingly agile evaluation…

…thanks to two applications, OpenSafety and DigitExpert. Applying digital extrapolation and modelling methods to known or calculated results, OpenSafety enables toxicologists to assure chemists of the safety of the Group’s products—which has always been at the heart of our design—much earlier in the development cycle. DigitExpert empowers researchers to perform faster, more precise and pertinent sensory evaluations by activating consumer data.

New technologies are augmenting and accompanying our researchers and constantly accelerating their innovation capability.

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