Environmental performance: Group-wide engagement

With a longstanding commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, L’Oréal invests in and develops solutions that help it to achieve its goal of continued growth paired with a shrinking environmental impact.

L’Oréal is investing in innovative and sustainable industries

At the end of 2018, L’Oréal created its capital investment fund, BOLD (Business Opportunities for L’Oréal Development), which aims to acquire minority shares in innovative companies and brands with high growth potential, and to invest in new business models in marketing, research & innovation, digital, retail, communication, supply chain and packaging that combine innovation and sustainable development.

L’Oréal brands, socially and environmentally responsible

The Consumer Products brands are increasingly committed to social and environmental responsibility. Their meaningful initiatives set them apart.

Diversity and inclusion: key values at L’Oréal

Since L’Oréal values individuals, their personal qualities and skills, it strives to create a work environment where everyone – regardless of ethnic origins, gender, age or disability – feels appreciated.

Global enthusiasm for skincare

Skincare is the most dynamic category in the market and at L’Oréal Luxe, which achieved 22% growth in 2019. Thanks to a portfolio of iconic and complementary brands, the Division offers a wide selection of exceptional products featuring the latest innovations.

How do we achieve carbon neutrality?

As climate change becomes an increasingly tangible reality, the L’Oréal group is pursuing its transition to a low-carbon business model by reducing the emissions produced by its plants and distribution centres. The Group has also committed to achieving carbon neutrality for all its industrial premises, administrative offices and research centres by 2025.

L’Oréal in Mainland China: the success story continues

Travel Retail

Beauty without borders

Human Rights: a key issue

As a responsible company, L’Oréal is committed to respecting internationally recognised Human Rights and to be proactive on the subject.

L'Oréal defend les droits humains

When artificial intelligence teams up with e-commerce

E-commerce continues to assert itself as a powerful growth driver. It owes its success to two factors: the accessibility of products even in remote areas and a range of services based on augmented reality and artificial intelligence.