When artificial intelligence teams up with e-commerce

E-commerce continues to assert itself as a powerful growth driver. It owes its success to two factors: the accessibility of products even in remote areas and a range of services based on augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Transparent sustainable innovation

As consumer choices become increasingly influenced by products’ environmental and health impacts, L’Oréal Research & Innovation has a clear mission: to deliver the best possible cosmetics in terms of innovation, effectiveness, quality and safety.

Using tech to accelerate performance

By selecting the most innovative suppliers, the Operations teams have developed global communities focusing on each of the major challenges presented by acceleration and new consumer expectations.

Science and technology: the allies of dermocosmetics

Thanks to cutting-edge digital technologies, L’Oréal’s Active Cosmetics Division gives consumers access to responsible innovations that promote well-being.

Agile transformation management

To meet the challenges of the tech revolution, which affects both consumer habits and working methods, L’Oréal is constantly adapting and transforming itself. The IT teams closely support L’Oréal personnel through the transformation process by developing new solutions in Agile mode. 

Hairdressing: the dawn of a new era

To meet customers’ new expectations, hairdressers are reinventing their profession. Read on for a closer look at the innovative initiatives L’Oréal has rolled out to support these increasingly connected entrepreneur-artists through the transformation.

Tech transforms the beauty market

With new technologies, the beauty market is witnessing a true revolution, especially in services. Progress in this area is making a real difference to consumers.

The direct-to-consumer  channel: enhancing the luxury experience

In today’s world, luxury brands must build privileged relationships with consumers, who want more personalised services and exclusive products. The direct-to-consumer channel, which provides a unique experience online and in stores, plays a crucial role.

New information technologies to support researchers

How can technology help employees increase their work abilities and the software solutions they rely on?

Enhanced agility in logistics

Our fully connected world has led to increasingly demanding expectations in terms of response times and agility. L’Oréal Operations are transforming their logistics and distribution network to meet those expectations.